Jump Start Halloween: Cyclops Visor

Introduction: Jump Start Halloween: Cyclops Visor

Hey everyone, and welcome to my first instructable!
I got the idea for this while I was trying to fall asleep a few nights ago. Funny how minor insomnia can fuel your creativity ;)
Even though I have not yet created one, I felt that I should put it up on this site anyway for a few reasons.
1) I have a crappy memory, and need something to help me remember.
1b) Paper gets drawn on and destroyed by my friends little sister.
2) Because of the nature of this site, I can get feedback, and possible upgrades.
3) I felt like it.

That being said, I should now take the time to type a few disclaimers.
1) This project involves hot glue. It burns you if you touch it while it is, ahem, hot.
2) This project when finished, involves the obvious danger of having electrically powered lights close to your eyes.
3) If you sweat while wearing this, you may short circuit it, as it DOES involve electronics. This could involve setting your hair on fire with the sparks, or exploding the LED's into your eyes. Ow.


ahem. On to the project.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

For this instructable, you will need:
Wire: 5 feet
Watch Batteries: 4
Rubber Ball, Approx 4 in. in diameter: 1
Red LED lights: 8 (???)
Clothespin: 2
Copper Plate Things: 2 (About a centimeter wide, they have to fit on the clothespin. . . I'll clear that up)
Water Bottle: 1
Paint: Yellow and Red
Elastic Bands (The kind you use in clothing, not rubber bands)

Hot Glue Gun
Soldering Iron, if you want

Step 2: 1st Step, Assembling the Switches

First, strip about a centimeter off the wire, and attach that to the negative terminal of the battery. Then, attach that to the clothespin. Put it on the end that you press to open it, inside. See the picture, (or rather, drawing,) for a clearer explanation. I would personally use hot glue for this, as i like hot glue, despite several severe burns.
Next, cut the wire at about 10 inches and strip a centimeter off of the end. Do the same thing with the battery and the clothespin to that end of the wire, making sure to, on the other clothespin, attach the battery to the clothespin negative terminal up.

Next, strip another centimeter off of your wire, (your unused wire), and attach that to one of your copper plates. This should be glued on the clothespin, opposite from the side with the battery. Both should be on the end that you press to open it. See diagram. Cut the wire at about 7 inches.
Using another 7 inches worth of wire, do the same thing for the other clothespin.

I apologize for my crappy instructions, and my crappy handwriting. And my crappy drawing. If you need any help, comment, and I will (probably) answer.

Step 3: LED Time

Making sure that the polarities (right word?) are correct, (shorter lead is negative, I believe. Don't quote me on that.), attach the Led's as such: attach the end of the dangling wire of one clothespin to an LED, add approx. 2 inches of wire, another LED, 3 inches of wire, another LED, 2 inches of wire, another LED and then finally, the other dangling wire.
If anyone needs a picture, I will supply one, but as I am a terrible artist, drawing takes me forever, and due to time constraints, I will be lazy and add a picture of an LED. A red one.

Step 4: To Test

To test what you've done so far, close both clothespins simultaneously. (Did I spell that correctly?) If what you've done so far is correct, you should have 4 lit LED's.
If so, proceed!
If not, check all of your connections. If you don't see anything wrong, It's probably my fault, and you need a resistor or something. I can't help there because I know crap about electricity, only that without it, life would suck. =P
If you see that I'm missing something, like a resistor or whatever, comment, please!

Step 5: Visor, and Other Decorative Aspects

This works, as of now, but it still looks bad. So, on to the fun (???) part. Making the visor.
To start, cut your water bottle as shown in figure 1. Then, paint it as in figure 2. (This is easy! Just citin' pictures and cutting the breeze. . . Whatever that means.)
Finally, cut the rubber ball into two pieces, and paint as shown in figure 3.
You should probably use shellac or something. So that the paint sticks.
Finally, as shown in figure 4, attach the bottle visor to the rubber ball using cardboard painted yellow. And hot glue.
And yeah, I don't have any color in my pics. B and W scanners suck. . . I didn't even know they existed until I got one. . .
Oh yeah, not in the pic, but for the visor, make sure to add a place where you can put your nose. . .
You know what I mean, like a Mardi Gras mask. And smooth the edge somehow so you don't cut yourself.
Also, attach the circular bit of cardboard to the TOP END OF THE CLOTHESPIN. It has to be the top, or the whole thing doesn't work. Yeah, thats right. The TOP.

Step 6: Final Touches

I couldn't figure out a way to make the LED's look like they were coming out of your eyes other than putting them in your eyes, so I thought of something else. Couldn't you add mirrors, at a slight angle? Although that would be annoying to carry around on your face. . . If anyone has any ideas, comment and tell me about them!

Also, I added 2 extra batteries, and 4 extra LED's, because for a final touch, I would use the closed end of the clothespin as a switch, default on, and attach the last 4 LED's and 2 batteries to that using the same methods, but put the lights in the visor itself, in the uncolored part. That way, you would, just like cyclops, have the visor glowing when over your eyes, and have it off, and your eyes glowing while it was up. Just a thought.

Also, to mount the thing, attach the clothespins bottom leg, (The one with the batteries on it), to an elastic band, at an angle such that it goes up to your forehead, and down to the base of your head. That, and one going around your head, (around your nose, and the back of your head) should keep it well enough secured so that you can mount the visor and stuff, and operate it. You will have to hold the clothespin, and put your thumb underneath the pin, and your index above it and squeeze to operate it. Also, the second band should help to keep the LED's in place if you can manage that.

Thanks for reading my first instructable, good luck, and please comment on how I did, and any changes you might suggest! Also, if someone makes one, post some pics, I wanna see how it turns out. Thanks!

I also had an idea for some wolverine claws that would shoot out when you made a fist, but that's (maybe) another instructable.


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    8 years ago on Step 6

    i'm curious although there would not be an effect could you use just a red piece of plastic for part of the visor?


    9 years ago on Step 6

    pics or didnt happen.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    You might also add a disclaimer that the image of the visor is in fact a licensed non-wearable prop created and sold in the collectibles market for around $150, and not the result of following your instructions...it's a tad misleading,


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Even though I have not yet created one
    • You probably lost half your potential audience right there.

    I felt that I should put it up on this site anyway for a few reasons.
    1) I have a crappy memory, and need something to help me remember.
    • You could have started it, then saved it without publishing it so that you have a record of what you meant to do (about half of my projects start like that)

    1b) Paper gets drawn on and destroyed by my friends little sister.
    • There are these things they've invented, called high shelves.

    2) Because of the nature of this site, I can get feedback, and possible upgrades.
    • Since you haven't actually made it, there is little to comment on, and nothing to upgrade.

    3) I felt like it.
    • If you felt like discussing the idea, or asking for help, you should have created a thread in the forums.

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Haha true point 1: Probably. Point 1b: . . . oh yeah. . . or i could just hide them, i gues. . . Point 2: well, people can point out any obvious design flaws, such as a bad circuiting job or whatnot. Point 3: There are forums on instructables?


    12 years ago on Step 6

    to make a red glow inside the visor, there is a way to do it without putting the LEDs directly above the eyes. Inside those target bluray gift cards they used a piece of plastic (same thickness as the LEDs they used) and cut a circular groove into each end to place the LED. This resulted in the entire piece of plastic appearing to be glowing.

    Ryan97128 here on the site goes into it great in his Nintendo controller MP3 player >> https://www.instructables.com/id/Nintendo_Controller_MP3_Version_20/

    I hope this helps


    12 years ago on Step 2

    how much did this project cost?


    12 years ago on Introduction

    actuall photos would help thats why alot of makers will end up with two of wht they make one to figure it out and one to show how to make it


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, you're right. I'll get pictures up as soon as i can.