Jump-starting a Dead Car Battery



Introduction: Jump-starting a Dead Car Battery

When retrieving a guest's vehicle, if you attempt to start the engine and the vehicle does not respond (or all you hear is a clicking noise) then the batter is most likely dead. Once you have made that determination, it is now your responsibility to remedy the situation. You must run back to the valet booth and retrieve the portable battery charger and attempt a jump-start of the car battery.

What you will need:

  • the Orange Black and Decker portable battery charger (be sure that it is not powered on yet).
  • the keys to the vehicle with a dead battery.

(Separate jumper-cables are not needed for this process. There are cables with clamps attached to the portable charger.)

Once you have the portable batter charger, return to the vehicle with the dead battery

Step 1: Open the Hood of the Car and Determine Where the Batter Is Located

This is pretty straightforward, yet be aware that on rare occasions a vehicle's car battery my be in the trunk of the car. If so, then simply open the trunk instead of the hood and locate the battery.

Step 2: Attach the Black Clamp of the Black and Decker Charger to the Negative Node of the Dead Battery

Ensuring that the battery charger is still powered off, be sure to attach the clamp to the metal point of the negative node.(the blue arrow points to it in the photo)

Step 3: Attach the Red Clamp of the Black and Decker Charger to the Positive Node of the Dead Battery

Be sure to attach the clamp to the metal point of the positive node.(the blue arrow points to it in the photo)

Step 4: Turn on the Power to the Battery Charger

Make sure the battery is in a stable and upright position. Once the battery is on allow it to charge the dead battery for about 2 mins.

Step 5: Attempt to Start the Vehicle.

Now that you have had the dead battery attached to the charger for a bit you can see if the battery is now able to function again.

If the car responds positively and starts up, then you have completed the task.

Step 6: Detach the Battery Charger From the Car Battery

This is to be done while the engine of the vehicle is still running, SO BE VERY CAREFUL.

Start first by removing the red clamp, followed by the black clamp (the opposite of how you attached the charger in previous steps).

Step 7: Return to the Valet Booth With the Battery Charger.

Assuming you've successfully detached the charger from the car battery, first power off the charger, close the hood (or trunk) of the vehicle and drive back to the valet booth to give the customer their vehicle.

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    5 years ago

    I like this instructable since it states the proper way to connect a jumper to the battery. Ie. Directly to the battery poles. Somewhere along the line a ridiculous myth came up with connecting the black, or negative, clamp to the car's chassis. The electrical energy needs the lowest resistance path into the dead battery which is directly on the poles.

    Connecting the dead battery first is a good safety measure as well. Bravo on the best jump starting instructions I have seen to date.


    5 years ago

    Good instructions, thank you for sharing!