Introduction: JumpTie

This device measures your jumps! You can see how many jumps you can make in an amount of time.

On the webapplication all your jumping sessions are displayed and you're able to see your progress!

Project made as a school assignment. I am currently studying New Media and Communication Technologies at Howest Kortrijk, Belgium.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

First we need to gather some hardware materials.

We need:

- Raspberry Pi 3B

- Raspberry Pi Zero W

- Powerbank for the Zero W

- Gyroscope (LSM9DS1)

Prices and online stores for these items are at the end of the instructable.

Step 2: Solder the Gyro to the Zero W

Carefully solder the Gyroscope to the RPi Zero W. If you've never did this before I recommend to ask someone who has some experience with soldering.

Dubbelcheck or tripplecheck if you correctly solder the 3.3V and the GND!

Not doing this correctly will destroy your Gyroscope or your RPi Zero W!

Step 3: Configure Your RPi's

Configure both of your RPi's.

Some guides or useful links to configure the RPi 3B:

Some guides or useful links to configure the RPi Zero W:

If done so, make sure to update them and install following packages:

- Python3

- Mysql-server

- Mysql-client

- ...

We also need Mosquitto MQTT. Use the following guide to install Mosquitto:

Tip: use the Jessie image, not Stretch!

Step 4: MySql Database

Now we need to draw an ERD diagram for our database. I used MySql for this assignment.

You can create your own database, copy mine or just download my script and run it.

We will use our RPi 3B as our Central Point to run our Database and Webserver.

Tip: Use FileZilla to copy the file on the RPi 3B.

Step 5: Complete the Zero W

To make the Gyroscope work we need to follow this guide:

We use the BerryIMU library together with some pre-written script to read the Gyros values.

I will use the "" script. But I added some code to recognize a jump and to send a jump to the Central Point via MQTT.

Step 6: Webapplication/Receive MQTT

If our database works fine, we can move on the create or Webapplication!

I used Flask (python) for the backend and html/css for frontend. But you're free to make your own webapplication!

You can also download my script to receive messages on the Central Point via MQTT.


Step 7: Run and Enjoy!

On the RPi Zero W run the "" script. This will do the job for the Zero W.

On the RPi 3B, run the "" script and your webserver.

Now enjoy your outcome!

Step 8: Casing(extra)

Go look in your garage for a old and small box to put in your hardware.

I put my Zero W in a small box I found. Ofcourse I used some materials to make sure my hardware couldn't move.

Just be creative!