Introduction: Jumper T8SG DeviationTX Firmware Upgrade

This instructable will show you how to flash/upgrade the firmware of the Jumper T8SG and other DeviationTX radio transmitters like the Walkera Devo 7E or 10. It'll also show you how to change the splash/boot screen, model icons and importing of model setups or configurations.

The Jumper T8SG Multi-Protocol 2.4G 10CH 4in1 is a compact Transmitter for Flysky Frsky DSM2 Walkera Devo Futaba. It is a multi-protocol transmitter capable of speaking many protocols to control most of your toy RC aircraft. It has all 4 RF chips, CC2500, NRF24L01, A7105, and CYRF6936 builtin already and controlled by the STM32 microprocessor. It's styling is influenced by the Futaba T8FG. It's similar to the Devo 7E running DeviationTX.

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Step 1: Access to USB Port

Unlike other DeviationTX compatible radios, the T8SG's mini USB port is buried under the back shell. You have to remove the 5 screws in order to access it. Others have drilled a hole or repositioned it by re-soldering. However, the easiest method would be to use a short miniUSB extension cable.

Mini USB extensions

Step 2: Software & Firmware

To flash your DeviationTX radio transmitter, you need to use Walkera's DFuSe tool. This tool only runs on Windows. You'll also need the latest version of DeviantionTX firmware. Download and unzip to your desktop.

DFuse USB upgrade tool

Firmware Nightly builds

Step 3: Install DfuSe USB Upgrade Tool

Run the EXE to install DfuSe.

Step 4: Install Drivers

You must also install drivers in order for Windows to detect the transmitter. The drivers are included in the DFuSe tool in C:\Program Files (x86)\Devention upgrade tool\Drivers

Step 5: Splash / Bootup Screen

To customize your DeviationTX radio transmitter, you can upload your own custom boot / splash screen. When you boot up the radio, it'll show this image. Place a file called splash.bmp into your media folder on the transmitter's onboard storage.


Step 6: Model Icons

Model icons are great at showing you what model is currently selected. It's just another way to customized your radio. They can be found on DevationTX's forums. /media/modelico is the location where these BMP images are stored.

DeviationTX model icons

Step 7: Model Configurations

If you don't want to create your own model setup/configuration, you can download one that has been created online. Check out the DeviationTX forums to find out if someone has already a config for your aircraft. They are simple text files with the .INI extension. Rename them to modelXX.ini and put them in your /models folder of your onboard storage.

DeviationTX Model configs

Step 8: Finish

So that's how you flash your Jumper T8SG radio running DeviationTX with the latest version. Check out the video for more details. Also watch my full review and other setup guides for the Jumper T8SG and other DeviationTX radios.

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