Jumping Origami Frog




Introduction: Jumping Origami Frog

A fun, simple, origami project to do. If done correctly you can even make your frog jump like a real frog!


  • Paper, preferably origami paper, however, any piece of paper will work just fine, I like to use sticky notes.
  • Your hands

Step 1: Triangles

You first want to make sure the piece of paper that you are using is a perfect square.

After you are sure you have a square piece of paper; fold it diagonally so it makes a triangle, unfold it, then fold it into a triangle the opposite way and unfold it again.

You will know that you've done this step correctly when you see a 'X' on the paper as pictured

Step 2: The Hardest Step

This is the hardest step!

Hold the piece of paper in two hands so that you can see the 'X' on the paper.

You will see 4 triangles, push the triangles on the sides in towards each other

Keep pushing the sides in and guiding the paper until it makes a triangle

Step 3: The Arms

Now we will make the arms of the frog!

First hold the triangle so that the base is facing you.

Take one side of one of the corners of the triangle and fold it to the tip of the triangle

Now do the same for the other side

Step 4: The Arms (continued...)

Fold in the triangle tips so that they meet in the middle on both sides

Step 5: The Legs

Flip the piece of paper over to the other side that still looks like a triangle

Fold the sides of the frog in so they meet in the middle

Now fold the sides in half back out towards the outside

Step 6: The Legs (continued....)

Flip the frog back over so it is on it's back

Now fold the frog in half from the bottom up

Now fold the section you just folded in half back down

Step 7: Final Product

Now your frog is all done!!

To see if you can get the frog to jump press down on the back of the frog then release! (see video)

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    9 days ago

    Very nicely explained! :)