Introduction: Junk Bracelet

Raid a few garage sales and you'll have enough junk to make a bracelet.

Step 1: Materials

A chain strong enough to hold your junk.
Needle nose pliers (2 are helpful.)
Jump Rings (Tiny key chain rings) - About 50
Lobster Claw to connect the chain. 
Old keys, jewelry, buttons, zipper pulls, Monopoly pieces, and any other junk you can find. 

Step 2: Prepare the Chain

Size the chain to fit your wrist. Cut off any excess. Attach  your lobster claw, or other clasp to the ends.

Lay out how you want your junk to look on the chain.

Step 3: Attachments

Place jump rings on each piece. This will take a while, since the jump rings don't always want to co-operate. 

Using the pliers, pull apart the large links on the chain. Slip jump ring though, then clamp link shut with the pliers. 

If using a smaller link chain, attach the jump rings directly to it. 

I used one piece per link; but added a metal button to links with smaller pieces. 

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