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Introduction: Junk Mail Flower

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In this instructable I will be showing you how to make Flowers out of you're junk mail. Its a nice way of up-cycling something that most of us hate getting through the door.

At the time of writing this instructable we are amid the Covid19 lock down/pandemic so you may want to let any junk mail you are going to use sit for the 72hr period suggested that the virus can survive on a surface. (the junk mail used in this instructable had been sat for a few weeks)

I should also note that you can use the steps in this instructable to make flowers from other materials such as paper, old music sheets,magazines and books.


Junk mail.


Glue or double sided tape

Step 1: The Stem

Take a piece of your junk mails and run some glue along one edge.
Roll it into a thin tube from the unglued end towards the glued end (if you have trouble getting started you can use a pencil to help wrap the junk mail around)

Step 2: Cutting the Petals

This step will vary depending on the size and shape of the junk mail you are using.

In this case I am quarter folding a magazine type bit of junk mail so that i can cut out numerous petals at once.
The size and shape of the petals is entirely up to you, the only proviso i would suggest is keeping a flat edge at the bottom of the petal for more surface area to put glue on.

Step 3: Attaching the Petals to the Stem

Run some glue around the base of the petal and then attach it to the end of the stem by wrapping it around. repeat this moving the petals around the stem so they start to overlap each other.

After you have a few on you can start to angle the petals out to create more volume.

You can also start to fold some of the petals after they have been attached to create volume/rose type look.

keep doing this until you are happy with the amount of petals.

Step 4: Attaching Some Leaves

Taking a long strip of junk mail, fold it in two and cut it into the shape of a long leaf (again the exact size and shape is up to you) and again i would leave a slat line at the base.

Put some glue at the base and attache them about half way down the stem on either side.

Step 5: Finished!!

And you're done!

This instructable was made as part of the Scribbling on Regardless project run by BOOM! Community arts in response to the Covid19 lockdown scenario in an attempt to provide accessible activities for people and families stuck at home.

As always I hope you enjoyed this instructable and as always, thoughts, comments and even photos of your own Junk mail flowers are welcome in the comments section below.

Stay safe and wash your hands.


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