Introduction: Junk RC Car


It’s always been a dream to have an RC car dashing across the floor, and it would be even more fascinating if we could make it ourselves. With simply a cookie box and several other materials, it isn’t hard at all to make your own RC car that actually runs at your command!

Junk RC Car made by: Charlie Chang, Cody Lee, Alex Tsai

Materials We Need

cookie box

Arduino Uno Board

motor 12V

wooden wheels

jumper Wires


foam tape




rubber bands

wood bricks

L9110s control system


battery compartment



We use cardboards and wooden board to make the wheels of the car

(1)Cardboard Wheel Cut a few couple of round cardboard pieces and glue them up.(the number of cardboard pieces depend on how big the wheel you want). To make the wheel stronger, we use the tape outside the wheel.

(2)wooden Wheel Use scroll saw to cut a round piece of wood.(make sure the wheel is round enough,or the car may not be able to run). Put it on the motor.


Use cookie box as the body of the car, and we put the wires and control system into the cookie box.

3.Circuit Infrared receiver

engine speed switch module


#define B_1A 10

#define B_1B 11

#define Speed 150

#include int RECV_PIN = 2; IRrecv irrecv(RECV_PIN); decode_results results;

void setup() {






irrecv.enableIRIn(); }

//car stop

void stopcar(){ digitalWrite(B_1A,LOW); digitalWrite(B_1B,LOW); }

//car move forward

void forward(){ digitalWrite(B_1A,HIGH); analogWrite(B_1B,Speed); }

//car move backward

void backward(){ digitalWrite(B_1A,LOW); analogWrite(B_1B,Speed); }

void loop() { if (results.value == 1033561079){ forward(); }

if (results.value == 465573243){ backward(); }

if (results.value == 3810010651){ stopcar(); }

irrecv.resume(); } }


Making the wheels of the car really ain’t that easy. For the driving wheel, looking for the right material which must fit the motor perfectly while maintaining the traction took us a lot of time. Ultimately, we decided to cut out a round shaped piece of wood as our wheel. That isn’t it yet. We need two mor wheels at the front of the car to keep the balance. For those ones we decided to cut them out using recycle cardboards since that would make things much easier. However, learning that our cardboard isn’t sturdy enough to support the car, we could only paste numeral pieces of them (in the same size of coarse)together as one. The final challenge of the wheel making process appears to be combining the wheels to the car. Keeping the balance of the car while making sure they’re sturdy enough is far from easy. Since the car was completely designed by us without any references, things became even more unpredictable and challenging. The most difficult part must be the moment we tried to fix the round motor to the flat bottom of the wooden brick(the brick was meant to equal the heights of the wheels). Fortunately, we figured our way out by combining foam tapes and straws to fill the gap between the motor and the brick, allowing us to fix things all together successfully.

Step 1: