Junk Yard Mech

Introduction: Junk Yard Mech

About: My race is sneg which is a abbreviation for the famous saying "sophisticated narwhals eat gummybears" Please fallow and vote when you can thank you : )

This is my first mech so please give me tips to improve. THANKS!

Step 1: Body

Step 2: Head

You can use a lot of things for the head brick, please post your favorites in the comments and you might see your head on the next mech!

Step 3: Arms

Like the head post your best arms in the comments!

Step 4: Legs

Step 5: DONE

Make sure to post pics of those heads and arms. If I like yours I'll put it in the next mech with your instructables name by it for you to get more fallowers!

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    8 years ago

    Look at my mech to improve yours


    8 years ago

    Ya, I couldn't find a lot of peices

    NICE!!! One thing though: maybe next time you should use ball joints and technic peices along with normal bricks?