Introduction: Junkbotz

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A while ago, i Made these cool little junkbots out of random and miscellaneous items that i found around the house and in my dads workshop, and now ive decided to share these creations on instructables and maybe make other creations like these(:

Step 1: What You'll Need

Before you get started on this, youll need to take a brief look around the house or workshop first, look for any random things that you think would look good for your design. Heres a list ive made of objects that you could use for making a junkbot:

-nuts and bolts
-used batteries
-old circuit boards
-pill bottles
-bottle caps
-old phones
-wood scraps
-old model cars that you wouldn't mind tearing up.

Remember that these are only just a few of the possible items you could use, there are loads more!!!!

Step 2: Assembling Your Bot

When all of your junk items that youd wish to use are collected, you are ready to assemble your junk bot.

I used hot glue, but that may not be the best glue if you are making a metal junk bot, if tht is the case, you could try screwing them together instead.
Remember that you cant just go around sticking random bits and pieces together and calling it a robot, it has to have a body.

Legs: for the legs, you could use anything long and sturdy, like perhaps a thick screw or thin metal pole.

Feet: for these, you would need to use two things that are reasonably steady, heady and able to keep the rest of the robot standing.. Perhaps some scrap metal, feet from another toy etc

Body: for the body, you can use anything (as long as it can fit the arms and legs on it)

Arms: just like the legs, they need to be long and actually look like arms. You could use lego, batteries and anything reasonably long really(:

Face: the face of your bot will be the focal point of your whole design, so think outside the box, be creative, and remember, that doesnt only apply for just the face, it applies for everything else too!!

All thats needed now are a few tweaks, until you feel that it looks great

Annnnnnnnd bobs your uncle!

Thanks for reading this instructable!! If you liked it, be sure to follow me(:

Step 3:

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