Introduction: Jurassic DIY Lamp

Hy, I'm Ben from Hungary and i'm a Bionics engineer student. This is my first instructables project. I hope u will enjoy it:) So let's start. (Sorry if sometimes my english not perfect)

Step 1: What U Need?

1x piece of wood

1xpattern (i downloaded one from the web)

4x red led (i used 3mm)

4x 470 Ohms resistors

1x 9v battery

1x 9v battery clip connector

1x toggle switch

1x soldering iron

1x solder wire

1x some wire

1x glue gun

1x wood jig saw blade

1x wood drill + hole circle saw

some sandpaper

+1 friend who is keen on with Jurassic Park:)

Step 2: Let's Begin

Cutting out the shape. I don't any expensive professional tool, so i used only handtools. That step could be easier if you have professional wood tools. After the cutting use the sandpaper to take away the strings.

Step 3: Backligths

It's a simple circuit. LEDs need 20mA for the perfect brightness( more mA could burn out the LEDs), so u need the 470 Ohm resistors. Some glue i fixed the leds and the cabels. With the toggle switch you can turn on/off the LEDs. After that i put two spacer on the back so the lamp can be drill to the wall.

I hope you enjoyed ma little project. I really loved working on it, and it teached me you can do whatever what you can imagine:)

Thanks for watching and have a nice day! :)

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