Jurassic World- Fall Inspired Makeup by PorcheaKhadijiahBaby

Introduction: Jurassic World- Fall Inspired Makeup by PorcheaKhadijiahBaby

About: Hey my Name is PorcheaKhadijiahBaby and I am a Beauty Guru aka a YouTuber/Beauty Blogger. I got serious with my Makeup July 25, of 2014. A lot happened illnesses and stuff but now I'm back and ready for action…

Jurassic World Video Pt.1

Hey everyone !!! This is my first Halloween video of 2015 aka PKB-A-Ween. This video is Part 1 to a three part series.

Pt.1 - The fall inspired makeup

Pt.2 - Special effects eye makeup ( I draw a T-Rex on my eye) ( might want to follow me to stay updated about that...)

Pt.3 - Bloody Facial slashes...Relax it's not real blood just eyeshadow,liquid lipstick,blush and lipgloss and eyebrow gel lol

Enjoy !!!

IF WE COULD GET THIS VIDEO TO 50 VIEWS I WOULD BE CRAZY HAPPY. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS WATCH THE VIDEO. I HAVE HUGE GOALS AND WITH YOUR HELP I KNOW I CAN REACH THEM !!! My Goal for YouTube is to have 200 subscribers and 5,000 views by Jan, 1st 2016. I know I won't be getting a kiss when the ball drops, but maybe I could have this amazing gift. I will post my Goals for Instructables later on in the month after I have more posts on here. :)

Step 1: Step 1 ( the Most Important ) WATCH THE VIDEO !!!

The video is only 4 minutes everyone. And it gives you a step by step...showing you exactly how to do it.

Step 2: Step 2. Go to Www.PorcheaKhadijiahBaby.com

For all the products used in the video, please go to the page listed above. It has all the products listed and each of them are batched up so for ex: I have a Part called Eyeshadows...and I name all the eyeshadows I used and what they look like. Are they Matte, Do they have undertones and so on.


If you like what you see, Follow me on here and Subscribe to my YouTube and Blog to stay connected and up to date :) Have a great day and Keep being you !!!

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