Introduction: Jus an Empty Box

You walk up to a colourful looking closed box on top of a table. Curiosity gets to you so you walk up and open it. Then you will just regret ever noticing it as a large IB final exam date cut-out.Today I will be explaining how I created this "empty box".

Step 1: Materials

Here are the materials that are necessary to ruin somebody's mood with your very own IB Final Paper.

-several wires

- 9-volt battery

-hot glue

-small Servo motor

- Laser-cut Machine

- Mdf Board

Step 2: Putting Together the Foundation

First, you need to make the basis of this dead meme by commencing this incredible creation.

-Take the motor and get a nice Laser cut box piece that would fit well inside the bottom of the box. Cut a small hole to place the motor in and glue it tight. Then place it in the bottom of the box with the motor attached. Cut out a tiny hole in the side of the box to make the wires that are pre-attached to the motor come out.

Next, take your print out IB paper Exam and cut them out. Then glue the blank pieces of paper to both sides of a similar-sized piece of Laser cut box. Then use whatever you would like to stick in the laser cut box and glue tight. The result should be that your IB paper date will eventually spin when the motor does. This is a link where you can
build the box.

Step 3: Making It SPIN

So now you have an unmoving blank piece of paper attached to some cardboard and a motor. Great... Now it needs to move.

First, you need to build yourself a lid to the box. Use hinges, or copper wire to make somewhat of a lift Delete repeated word flap on top of pusher Firmly attach a battery to the side of the lid. It is important that the battery is on the same side as the wires sticking out of your box.

So now you need to take the wires connected to the motor (the ones sticking out) and connect them to copper wire. Make sure they do not cross or it will not work. Make the left wire attach to the battery by using alligator clip wires. The one on the right, you need to make a switch of some sort. I made a loop that was attached to the lid and it was around the right wire, but not touching. It has to be connected to the battery to charge. It is positioned so that when the lid is lifted up, it lifts that piece of copper wire enough to touch the right piece of wire which will complete the circuit! When the circuit is completed, it provides power to the motor making the opener of the box spin. Therefore when you lift the lid, see the IB Exam date

Step 4: Programming

Yes, I know. Programming is difficult. That is what I'm here for! I have already done the programming for you.

Next, go onto the online program Arduino, and put this sequence onto Arduino. Easy! Then take the USB cord that goes with the Arduino board and plug it into both your computer and the Arduino software Then all you have to do is click the green flag to run the program! So it will start pushing the lid to open the box.

Step 5: Hiding All of Those Ugly Wires

Now if you think wires look pretty I'm going to have to politely disagree. You don't want a bunch of wires hanging off the side of your box! That's Laser-cut box and extended the box a few inches. This allowed me to literally hide the wires by building a box around them. Then you also would want to hide that big battery too, wouldn't you? I did it by doing the same thing. Building a miniature box on top of the battery. Using just use Mdf Board!

Step 6: the Final Pieces

Now you are practically done! All you need to do is take those colored sheets of paper and glue/tape them so you hide your entire cardboard box. I left a small flap for the wires just in case anything needs to be fixed on the fly but it is at the back. I included the words on top "Just An Empty Box." Well, it's true. You just can't see him!