Introduction: Just Another USB-Zippo (JAUZ!)

i've seen many of these around here - nonetheless i wanted to share my version.
hopefully not as kludged as some of the existing, though i also love hot melt glue :)

i always loved the idea of having a sturdy usb-drive fitting pleasantly into the
watch-pocket of my jeans.

so - why not taking apart my old zippo? i love the design, but i hate it
being out of gas when i need it...

Step 1: Remove All the Stuff You Don't Need

Use a cutting disk to get rid of the windshield. it also helps you smoothing
the edges.

Step 2: Remove Flint Holder

is used a 6mm drill to remove the flint holder. just drill down until you are even
with the top surface. it should come out easily then.

Step 3: Open the Deck for Your USB Connector

this step isn't much fun. at first, use a 3mm drill to make a hole right next to the hole of the wick.
not too close, and don't hit the rivet of the wick hole. then use a file to make the both holes
(the one from the flint and the the one you made) to a big rectangular one. as big as needed for
the connector of your USB-drive to sit firmly.

drawfile as straight as possible. and keep the file dust, you will need it later!

Step 4: First Test

if the hole seems big enough, do a first fit test. the connector has to be as close to the middle
as possible. the lid of your zippo must not touch it while closing!

Step 5: This One Is for Your Drive

if your drive fits it's new case, it's time to do a little soldering.
my USB drive had a little SMD LED on it's rear end, so i thought
of moving it to the top of the zippo.

since i had no LED that was small enough to fit through the rivet,
i had to file down a 5mm green standard LED. the look sucks,
but it still works :)

Step 6: Wrap It, Baby!

finally, use some shrink tubing to insulate the board of your drive and the open wires of the LED.

Step 7: The End of the Tunnel

put everything together. use some superglue to hold the LED in place.

Step 8: Finalizing

mix the file dust you hopefully kept from earlier with some epoxy resin,
giving it an appropriate color.

carefully fill the holes around the USB connector.

wait until the epoxy is hard enough.

Step 9: ...and You're Done!

plug in and enjoy! :)

Step 10: What I Used

- standard Zippo
- USB-Drive "Platinum", 4GB

- dremel with cutting-disc
- several key files
- superglue
- epoxy raisin
- lots of patience