Introduction: Just a Light.

for this you need some wood. any size you like.. mine are 2 x 5 inches long by 3/4 by 1/4 inch. pine wood.

2 x 3inches by 3/4 by 1/4 for the R and L sides.

one 3" by 5 "  3mm  thick for the base.
the top was going to be wood. but i decided to make it out of 5mm thick plc.

Glued the pieces together.  let it dry.
so you will end up with a box.
in the centre of the box place a small  piece of wood. that will hold the LEDs
paint he box black on the inside.
the out side any colour you like.

drill a hole on one side near the bottom for the cable to go into.

drill another hole on the top cover L or R for the switch to go.

Now For the electronic bit.

get a small on off switch and some wires. .. solder the wires to the power terminals on the switch..
the others will go to the LEDs.

Cover the connections with heat shrink tubing . just to keep things on the safe side.

you  will need a power supply adaptor 12 volts. i am  using one that reads 9 volts but it gives 12.35 volts  so check with your multimeter

 cut the tip of the cord on the  adaptor and check if wires are  marked +  or _ pos or neg.
if they are NOT then get your multimeter and set it to V touch the  wires Pos  & Neg with the proves.
if you get  e.g. -12v then the wires are reversed.
change the proves and touch the wires again. you should see just the voltage 12V.  now mark the wider Pos & Neg
and prosed to connect the LEDs.

i used hot glue to hold the led in place. see pictures.

before you seal the unit make a final test to make sure that all is working ok.

if it is seal it and enjoy.. cheers