Introduction: Jute Strings & Glass Bottle Decoration

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Hello Fellows,

I have always liked antique looking items, especially those wrapped or tied using jute. Jute is a very versatile and eco-friendly material, especially the jute strings. This idea is inspired by people in some rural areas of India where Jute is used from kitchen utensils to furniture and many more.

All you need is some jute strings (or twines), some glue like Elmers Glue or Fevicol (in india) and glass bottles

DISCLAIMER : This iBle is by no means intended to encourage drinking habits with an excuse of collecting empty bottles... ha ha :-)

Lets get started, the possibilities are endless   

Step 1: Stuff You Need

This is the stuff you need.
  1. Jute strings, you can get them as twines, try experimenting with coloured ones, I like natural the most.
  2. Empty glass bottles, if they are attractive in shape, its even better.
  3. Elmer's glue or similar (Pick a tube or bottle which has a pointy nose to draw lines of glue)
  4. Scotch Bright like scrub (if you have a clear bottles with no labels, this is not required).
  5. A scissor.
  6. Some decorative beads (wooden or ceramic or even plastic), I got wooden easily in a craft store.  
  1. Scratch the label little bit using a paper cutter and soak the bottle in hot water for an hour. This way the label and its glue will become weak
  2. Rub using scotch bright or similar scrub to remove the label, clean and dry the bottle using a cotton cloth. 

Step 2: Wrap Wrap & Wrap

  1. Pick the bottle and put a small line of glue where the neck of the bottle begins and paste jute string's end to it.
  2. Wait for few seconds for the glue to bond  the string with bottle.
  3. Keep a finger on the jute string you pasted, so that it does not move and start wrapping the bottle with jute.
  4. After every 2-3 iterations, draw a line of glue and paste jute on that, this will ensure that jute don't get loosen. Before you do this, tighten the wrapped jute gently as if you are trying to tight a bottle cap.
  5. When you think that you achieved the desired look, cut the jute string and paste the end with glue.
  6. OPTIONAL : Now leave some space and repeat the same for the bottom of the bottle, but this time you will start wrapping the jute around 1-2 inch higher than the bottle. SEE EXAMPLES IN PICTURES IN FIRST STEP.
  7. Cut a small piece of jute string, put in two beads so that each bead hang at each end of string and tie a knot so that they don't fall out.
  8. Tie this piece around the bottle neck.



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