Introduction: K-2SO Bike Helmet

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In a world where every other Star Wars character has their own variation of bike/skate helmets to choose from, I wanted to make one for one of my favorite Star Wars characters that doesn't have their own helmet yet - K2SO.

Here's how I put it together:

Step 1: Materials

The materials I used:

Black skate helmet
Paint pens (black, silver, and white)
Matte black paint
White plastic washers
Laser sword


Painters tape
3D printer
Hot glue gun

Step 2: Prep the Helmet

Using pictures and stills from the movie as reference, I prepped the helmet by using painters tape to mark out where the outlines will be for the main features of K2SO's face. I took the black paint pen and drew the lines along the edge of the tape and then took the tape off.

Following the guides for the back of the helmet (which will be the front of K2SO's face) I took my dremel and carved out the area that will be replaced with the 3D printed mouthpiece.

Step 3: Print the Mouth Piece

I went into Tinkercad and imported some references for K2SO's mouth piece. I scaled it to size to fit in the opening I carved out of the helmet, then had someone print the piece out for me. It came in 3 pieces, the main front piece, and the two side pieces

Step 4: Add the Eyes

Taking the dremel, I evened out the holes in the back of the helmet for K2SO's eyes. I fit the washers behind the holes in the helmet, then started taking apart the laser sword.

I took the circuit board and power supply out of the laser sword, and pulled out the LED strip. I disconnected 2 of the LEDs off the strip, took the circuit board and power supply, and discarded the rest.

I soldered together the 2 LEDs to the circuit board, and put batteries in the power supply to make sure that the connections worked and the LEDs lit up.

I cut 2 circular pieces of plastic, and took a sharpie and drew lines on one side for the grate-look on the eyes. I glued the plastic discs to the front of the washers, glued them into the helmet, and then glued the LEDs into the openings of each washer.

I cut a spot for the power supply and circuit board to sit inside the helmet, then glued them in place

Step 5: Paint and Detail

I took the 3D printed mouth pieces, and sprayed them with primer. I sprayed the main part of the mouth section with flat black paint, then took my paint pens and painted on the details of the mouth piece. After each piece was painted, I glued them all together, then glued the whole mouthpiece to the helmet.

The last thing was to add some of the small, worn and weathered elements to the helmet. Using some of the silver and white paint pens, I added just enough to give the helmet the weathered look that K2SO has in the movie.

Step 6: Enjoy!

With it all done the last thing to do is to put it on and ride off into the sunset, with K2SO watching your back for any stormtroopers that might be following you.

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