Introduction: K-9 Robot Dog

Ever since i was a young boy in 1984 and i saw Doctor Who on the local PBS station in Tulsa Oklahoma, and his trusty robot dog K-9. I have wanted one, fast forward 34 years, technology has finally developed to a point that this is becoming possible.

Step 1: Designing the K-9 Body

First I pulled some measured drawings off line, and I desired that a full scale one would be a little big for moving the project around with the vehicle i have, So I derided to scale him down to 80%. See picture of K-9 on front seat.

Step 2: Made Cardboard Templates to Verify 80% Scale

Using blue painters tape and cardboard to firm out the design,

Step 3: Building the Body

using 1/4" PVC foam board grey and black. Also found a soft vinyl flood light ring, I had in a parts bin. to clean up the neck hole.

Step 4: Building Out the Head

Step 5: Mirrored K.9

used laser cutter an this file to make side K-9

Step 6: Back Keyboard and Voice Assistant,

Keyboard link:

Voice assistant link:

Step 7: Tail Mechnism Development

there have been 2 different generations of tail wager,

Step 8: Addicore DIY Controller

Step 9: K-9 Ears

Went with metal printed K-9 ears from shapeways. had to trim length and glue directly into 9g servos

Step 10: Battery Upgrade

Original 12 volt lead acid batteries each had a .7 amp hour capacity, the new battery has 20 amp hour NiMH and weighs half the weight.

Also added a battery gas gauge.

Step 11: K9 Eyes