Introduction: K-Cup Holder

I designed a K-Cup holder for my dad's work. Every day, he and his coworkers wanted to grab a cup of coffee to ward off their afternoon drowsiness but the K-Cups were all stuffed in boxes or laying around the table in a heap. It was hard to find what you wanted. My dad came to me looking for a solution to this mess so I thought up this K-Cup holder and stand to help solve his problem.



3D printer and filament

Thin sheet of wood cut to into the shape and size that you want for your stand

Laser cutter or wood burner for lettering (optional)

Wood stain or paint for the wood (optional)

Kickstand (like found on the back of a picture frame) to hold up the sheet of wood if you want it to stand up on a table

Hot Glue gun and glue sticks or another strong glue

Step 1: Step 1: Print the K-Cup Holder

Using the coffee.stl file provided, 3D print as many K-Cup holders as you want on your final stand.

Step 2: Step 2: Create the Stand

Take a piece of thin wood that is already cut to size or cut the wood to be the size you want.

Optional - If you want lettering or designs on the stand, use a Laser Cutter or a wood burner and include words or designs on the wood. You can also use a wood stain or paint the wood if you prefer.

If you want to create a table-top stand, attach the kickstand to the wood by following the instructions that came with the kickstand.

Attach the K-Cup holders to the wood with hot glue or another strong glue.

Fill your stand with your favorite K-Cup teas and coffees!

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