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Introduction: K-Cup Wall Dispenser

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Whether for the office, or you just really like coffee, this simple wall mounted dispenser makes it so you're never far from your favorite cup of coffee.

You will need:
1/8" Acrylic
Super Glue
Laser Cutter

Step 1: Laser Cut

Included are the files to cut the 8 pieces required to assemble this project. These files are provided in .svg or .ai and are designed with red and blue lines. Completely cut through red paths, and engrave on blue paths. The engraving will be used as a guide when applying glue.

We're using a 20"x12" FSL Hobby Laser to cut the files.

Step 2: Attach Sidewalls

1. Add glue to the left or right side of the back piece. Attach the side walls one at a time using super glue.

*Be cautious when using super glue. The glue will be runny and may drip on surfaces. Do not touch the glue until it is completely dried. The glue will dry clear, which is ideal when working with clear acrylic, but smudges will be permanent.

Step 3: Glue Bottom Panel

2. Once the side walls are in place,add glue to the 3 sides of the bottom piece. Flip this piece and attach it to the back piece and side walls.

Step 4: Insert Separators

3. Add glue to the engraved line on the bottom piece. Slide a separator piece into the slot being sure that the notched end is near the bottom piece. Continue until all three pieces are in place.

*The tabs that hold the separator will not need glue. The separator piece will be held in place once the cover piece is attached.

Step 5: Cover

4. Add glue to the two side walls and attach the cover so that it is aligned with the top of the separators. *You may add additional glue to the separators in addition to the side walls for added security, but this will make the glue more visible.

Step 6: Mount

The holes in the acrylic are designed to fit nicely over thumbtacks for easy mounting. For more permanent fixtures, we recommend using screws or nails.

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    6 years ago

    Awesome Laser Cutting Project!