Introduction: K-Nex Apollo Spacecraft: JOR

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About 15 years ago my son and I made a model of the Apollo spacecraft. I downloaded the measurements to help us with the scale. It was not exact, but we got close to a scale model.

What follows are the images of the stages and separations. While it stood secure, it could also lift apart in it's proper stages.

This first image is of the entire assembly. The tower included swinging gantries. While our model could stand by itself, the real spacecraft included the tower. So we made one to go with our model.

Step 1: First Stage Separation

After launch, the first stage would separate. This is also where the Emergency Escape Tower would fly off. You will see this tower on later images because we forgot to remove it at the right time.

Step 2: Second Stage Separation

Although not in orbit yet, the second stage would separate. There is a cowling that also separated. Please ignore the Emergency Escape Tower, it should have come off with the First Stage.

This third stage would get the spacecraft into orbit. This would also be used to move out of Earth's orbit and begin the trip to the moon.

Step 3: Spacecraft Separation

This is where the third stage dropped off. Only the spacecraft would continue to the moon.

Step 4: Spacecraft Docking

The command module would maneuver and dock with the lunar lander. This was a critical maneuver.

Step 5: "The Eagle Has Landed"

Here the lunar lander is shown as landed. The legs have been extended and it looks secure.

Step 6: Coming Home

The lunar module lifts off from the lunar lander and returns to moon orbit. The lunar module and the command module again dock. The astronauts move from the lunar module and return to the command module. They also transfer to the command module any rocks, soil, or other samples that the brought from the moon. The command module separates from the lunar module and returns to Earth orbit.

Step 7: Splashdown

When the time and position are right, the capsule separates from the command module. Only the capsule and it's contents returns to Earth.

Step 8: Parts and Pieces

Pictured here are the various parts and stages of the entire assembly.

This was a fun project. However, I did not record the exact parts and pieces used to make this model. Perhaps with careful review of the images, this could be made again.