Introduction: K'nex Wheel-launching Gun

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This is a wheel-launching gun. It's my first instructable.Any constructive comments are welcome.

Step 1: The Back of the Gun

This is the back part of the gun. The group of white connectors is the handle.

Step 2: The Barrel.

This is the barrel. It's quite simple and the pic is self-explanatory.

Step 3: The Firing-pin.

This is a simple, average, firing pin that you can find on other guns.

Step 4: The Back-center.

This is the center that will soon connect to the back.

Step 5: The Front-center.

This is the piece that is connected to the back-center and the front which will soon be made.

Step 6: The Front.

This is the front of the gun. It's the main piece.

Step 7: Putting It Together.

Put all of the pieces from the previous steps together. This one picture should be enough to understand how to put it together.

Step 8: Putting the Firing Pin In.

You will have to put the firing pin in now. It goes through the three gray pieces. You will have to remove and replace the tan piece. Also, the rubber band will go on one of the red rods as shown in the pic. I made a mistake, it goes on the red rod right of the one shown in the pic.

Step 9: The Ammo.

The AMMO is actually a wheel. That's new.

Step 10: Where the Ammo Goes.

You will have to slide the wheel onto the firing pin until it slides into the tab on the tan connector. That way, when the firing pin is pulled back and released, the wheel goes flying.