Introduction: K2SO Body Paint

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I've wanted to do this one for so long and I finally did it! I really hope you guys enjoy. =) Go to and subscribe to help me out!

Step 1: Sketch

Using my white eyeliner pencil to outline the basic idea I had.

Step 2: First Part

I used a gray body paint from Mehron to fill in the first section of my face, I'm doing it in section so I dont get confused sense most of his face and body will be the same color, I then used white body paint from Mehron to highlight around the top of the head and the bottom.

Step 3: NEXT

I filled in the next section right under the nose, I used a little black body paint and the gray and mixed them together as I placed them on my face. I also used a little bit of black eyeshadow from urban decay to shadow a little more.

Step 4: Cuts

He has a lot of random cuts so I used a little black body paint on a detail brush to lightly add some cuts.

Step 5: MORE

Doing the same steps as before I'm filling in the next section.

Step 6: Even More

I filled in the next section the same way again. I'm, as I'm sure you can tell, I'm adding more or less black depending on the depth I'm trying to make.

Step 7: Random Details

I used a black body paint to add random detailed lines mainly on the chin.

Step 8: Filling in

I used that black body paint to fill in around my face. Blacking out what I don't need.

Step 9: More Details

I used a detail brush and added more detailed lines.

Step 10: Neck

I used the same gray body paint to start the neck

Step 11: Body

so really the body is the same as the face only with different shapes. I'll be using gray and black body paint, I will also grab some black eyeshadow to deepen things up or white body paint to add highlights.

Step 12: More Detail

So I used a lot of eyeshadow around the neck to make it look like it's going into the body. I also decided to take some silver body paint from mehron to add some more shine.

Step 13: Shoulders

I used a lot of black body paint and black eye shadow to make the shoulder joint. Then I even used a yellow body paint from mehron to add a line.

Step 14: Eyes

for the eyes I used white body paint then I went around it with black eye shadow. That's it! You're now K2S0!

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