Introduction: K9 Feeding Station for Two!

About: I work part time for a veterinary clinic and have a small home business, Forever in my heart, Unique Pallet Creations. I work out of my garage, creating unique pallet creations.

I made this K9 feeding station for 2 med-large size dogs. It has a 3 quart bowl for water in the middle and a 2 quart bowl on each side for food. It stands about 14" high. This helps ease neck pain and aids in digestion of food.

Tools Needed: Sawzall, Jig saw, Tape measure, Impact driver, Chop saw, sander, sand paper, clamps, pencil and screws.

Optional Tools: Staple gun, staples, pencil torch and Wood stain.

You will need a variety of pallets, with both wide boards and small boards. You can also purchase wood from your local lumber store.

Step 1: Find a Pallet.

You need a pallet with boards that are 4"-6" wide and at least 40" long. You will need some smaller pieces of wood also, so grab a couple pallets with different sizes of wood.

Step 2: Sawzall

Get your Sawzall and put on a metal cutting blade. Cut boards off pallets.

Step 3: The Bowls

Get your bowls and measure the inside diameter and cut out templates to make your circles, (I used cardboard) and place your templates on the wood, about 2" apart, and trace onto wood.

Step 4: Jigsaw and Clamps

Clamp your board to your work area. Using your jigsaw, carefully cut out circles, then repeat on other board.

Step 5: Chop Saw and Sander

You will need 1×2 boards to use as support and to hold the top boards together. Place your tops together and measure the width, cut the boards using your chop saw and place them between the bowls. You can attach with screws or staple/nail gun. For the legs, I use 1×3 boards, you can cut them to make the feeding station whatever height you prefer. Attach under top and place a 1×2 in between for support. Again you can attach with screws or staple/nail gun. I sand the boards after each step.

Step 6: Chop Saw

Cut your remaining long boards with chop saw. cut the side boards first and put them on, then I measure the front and cut the board long enough to cover the sides. Again sanding boards after cutting then using screws or staples to attach.

Step 7: Burn and Stain

I use a pencil torch to burn on paw prints or whatever comes to mind. Then I stain the entire set starting from underneath. Let dry for 2 days and you are finished!