Introduction: K9 Pulleez Bunny Squeak Toy

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Hi. Ever wondered how they make these little stuffed mammals ? The easiest way to learn is to take one to pieces. Many humans call this ripping, chewing and destroying. They cannot recognize reverse engineering for what it is. A valid, skilled activity. You too can make a contribution to the body of knowledge which drives the world forward.

Step 1: As Received - K9 Pulleez Bunny Squeak Toy

Its always good to document the components, tools and resources you will be using. I always take pics when I receive a package. Sometime I use them as evidence of damaged goods. I cant stand damaged goods.

Step 2: Project Handover and Kick Off

Hurry up and wait as usual. Cant stand bureaucracy but I suppose those pen pushing project management people have some value.

Step 3: Taking Delivery - Initial Taste

Correction - I mean - initial inspection.

Step 4: FTST Method Illustration

Always good to begin with Floor Toss Softening Technique. Dont worry, the stuffed little edible mammals like this bunny cant feel any pain. They have the lowest level of consciousness among of all things. Pretty much as stupid as a lump of coal - I mean a stupid as a solar panel.

Step 5: Stitch Stretching Makes Downstream Tasks Easier

Fun and productive at the same time. Often this step can be carried out with two or more non prehensile engineers. We reject the disrespectful term 'pack'.

Step 6: Progress Report

Here you can see my progress on the left foot. Its important to make the cavity sufficiently large to allow for the squeaker removal.

Step 7: Testing the Squeaker - Short Video

Step 8: Focus on Stitching Release Techniques - Demo Short Video

Step 9: Progress Report - Phase 2 - Losing Interest

I have seen this all before. So many of these stuffed edible mammal emulations (toys as you call them) are made from the same non edible materials. For stupid, untrained reverse engineers this material is a safety risk because it can cause suffocation.

At this point I lost interest and went to look for a place to dig a hole.

Thanks for joining me on my project. See you soon.