Introduction: KARL's House

This is an automated house which went through few creative

phases and is automated using Arduino (a Micro-controller and other electronics components including LEDs, sensors, jumper wires etc). We named this house as Karl and the main functionalities of the house are below:

Theft Alarm: If the theft alarm is switched on and the main door is opened, the lights will turn to red from blue and buzzer starts to beep until the door is closed back.

Clap to Trigger: If you clap, the hanging lamp on the main door lights up.

Dancing Lights: The upper floor has dancing lights, if you play music the lights dance on the rhythm of the music being played.

Step 1: Wood Crafting

The house was first designed on the paper, later the plan was taken to the carpenter to be crafted out of wood.

Step 2: House Painting

We wanted the house to reflect old European Architecture,

therefore the house was painted in the same manner. The old look was perfect for the house to be automated with the new technology, for us it was something like adding life back to an old house.

Step 3: Ultrasonic Sensor

For (a) We programmed the Ultrasonic sensor in such a way

that if someone will open the door, the lights will turn RED in color and theft alarm will start to ring. If you close the door back, the lights will turn back to BLUE and the alarm will go off.

Step 4: MIC Sensor

For (b) We programmed the MIC sensor. Whenever we clap in

front of house the hanging lamp next to the main door lights up.

Step 5: Dancing Lights

For (c) We used the same MIC sensor for this purpose but

with different programming logic.

Whenever someone plays music in-front of house the upper floors lights will start to follow and dance along with the rhythm of the music being played (basically the BASE of the music). High notes of the music will make the LED's brighter and low notes will make the lights dim.

Step 6:

Step 7:

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