K.A.S (Knex Assault Rifle) V1.3 Instructions

Introduction: K.A.S (Knex Assault Rifle) V1.3 Instructions

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heya guys ben da builder here with my latest 'ible my K.A.S V1.3, comes equipped with a grenade launcher (detachable), detachable mag, and an extendable stock!!

lets take a look at the guts of this latest contraption shall we...

Step 1: Grenade Launcher

as you can see from the pictures below this is the 'noob tube' of my K.A.S 1.3, shoots roughly 40 feet minimum depending on how many bands you're game enough to put on.

Step 2: The Magazine

the magazine, 12 rounds, detachable, strong, and NEVER jams when fired and attached correctly, of course, the bend is fake.

Step 3: Handle

the handle is simple simple, all three layers the same, bar the green connector in the middle layer.

Step 4: Foregrip

this is the foregrip, the yellow connectors are necessary for teh grenade launcher to be attached onto the gun, pretty easy to make by looking at it.

Step 5: The Body

The body of the K.A.S 1.3, not the prettiest thing around, but it got the job done

1) make X2
2) make X2
3) attach and put one aside for later

Step 6: The Barrel

the barrel is a little messed up cos i ran out of orange connectors >< but it still works fine for me

1) make
2) top view
3) make: there's only red rods because this is where i ran out of orange connectors, it still works perfectly fine
4) make
5) attach to body
6) add rods
7) add lower barrel piece
8) make
9) add the last piece as the blue rod on the right hand side
10) add to end of barrel
11) make (note that's not the same rod and grey connector you made before)
12) another view
13) attach to body
14) another view to show where it goes
15) what you should have in the end :D

Step 7: Making, and Adding the Trigger and Handle

1) add these blue rods
2) add the grey connectors and the blue spacers
3) add the blue rods
4) attach the handle (you'll need to squeeze in the white rod that doesn't sit in anything on the handle, it should sit in the hole of the yellow connector behind it)
5) add the rod and spacers
6) make
7) make (the taped over parts are a 'y' connector and a green rod n tan connector)
8) another view ( the elastic band is necessary)
9) showing the 'y' connector
10) attach
11) add the trigger and the pacers (note the tops of the trigger is cut/broken, this was not deliberate, the piece was broken and a black socket connector was just a little too short to stop the ram rod)

Step 8: Trigger Guide and Ram Rod Guide

a little tricky to attach to the body but you'll figure it out ;P

1) make x2
2) add rods
3) add cut rods, sorry :( (these are white rods with the ends cut off)
4) add this blue rod
5) make
6) make
7) make
8) make like so
9) don't make but have these pieces ready
10) it goes here
11) add the second shell
12) attach to body like so
13) you may need to disassemble the trigger to fit it, but its slides in like so, now add the tan connector and the cut rod i mentioned before, this way the trigger will slide in and wont push it back off
14) make
15) add here
16) make (for later :P)

Step 9: The RETRACTABLE Stock ;D

okay so its easy to make from the pictures, and you WILL need to cut the light grey connectors to make this work, and the elastics are needed for later, and again the grey panels are because i ran out of pieces '>.> sorry

1) side view
2) TOP view
3) BACK view
4) the ends of the grey rods, now, depending on whether or not you're left handed or right handed, the connectors need to be swapped, so the light grey is on the right for right handed, and on the left for left handed and no they're not lined up, this was just to show the light grey connectors, and the way they face.

Step 10: Making the Stock Rail Gaps

1) add rods and blue spacers
2) a closer view of the back set of rods
3) a closer look at the front set of rods and the cut rods (i made a mistake on the cut rods and spacers :S
4) make and put aside
5) make and put aside aswell
6) make X2 and put aside

Step 11:

1) make X2 put one set of four aside
2) add like so (ignore the 4 blue spacers, i told you to take two off before
3) make
4) note the cut rod
5) make
6) now, attach here if youre left handed, if not wait for further instructions
7) add two green connectors here
8) add the plate you just made like so
9) add the spacers again as shown
10) add the cut white rod and blue spacers from the previous step here

Step 12:

1) add the other set of four grey connectors
2) now slide in the two dark grey connectors on the stock as shown
3) just slide the light grey connectors in and clip onto the next set of blur rods as shown
4) a close up of how the pieces are cut
5) make
6) add like so

Step 13: Finishing Up and Finishing Touches

1) add the top plate as shown
simply place the following few pieces (*) on opposite sides of the gun, and swap the blue and white flakes highlighted!!!!! it just makes it easier to cock and shoot
2) barrel covered
3) make*
4) attach
5) make
6) top view (there's two blue spacers inbetween the two yellow connectors

Step 14: Sight-rails (terrible at That Too)

1) make^
2) another view
3) make
4) another view
5) make
6) another view
7) add the yellow connectors here
8) add the first piece here
this will be on the opposite side of the gun so the light grey piece here (^) will be on the opposite side
9) attach here
10) attach here
11) add for a better fit for the mag
12) add for strength

Step 15: Last Few Pieces

1) add the foregrip here
this will have the yellow connectors on the opposite side
2) make (the cut blue rods were broken and easier to make for me, but, these rods need to be able to fit 3 connectors across it
3) another view
4) this will sit here, on the added plate on the left side for lefties, vie versa for righties
5) add this yellow rod through the light grey connectors
6) banding up the stock bolts
7) the opposite side (note this will look different to lefties)
8) banding the trigger
9) make, using (i think) 4 blue spacers a white rod, grey connector and the grey gear shown
10) another view to see the white rod
11) the bolt and the ram rod (banded) you probably cant see it but the ram rod is tipped, not sharpened compleley, but enough to get rid of the bumps at the end
12) a close up of the ram rod end (a grey connector at the end, and a tan connector with the little tab still on afterwards)
13) add these three spacer AFTER the bolt
14) banding the bolt
15) banding one side of the ram rod ( will be mirrored for lefties)
16) opposite side of the ram rod banded (again mirrored for lefties) also fired
17) cocked
18) mag in place
19) ammo used (the big thing is obviously the grenade launcher ammo
20) okay, note how ive pushed the blue flake thats attached to he white rod in between the two red rod ends, thats to make sure the 'grenade' doesnt fall apart mid air or fall to pieces upon firing.


please feel free to criticise, harsh as need be, and feel free to mod the gun as much as you like

until next time, this is ben the builder, out ;D

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    when i first built it it felt weird taking my hand off the handle and trying to reach over the top of the gun to cock it cos my left hand is useless '-.- , so i just figured id work things out and make a lefty side too :3

    I should really start using detatchable mags in my guns shouldn't I? I'll have a heavy rifle up in the next two days... with a built in mag. Gaaaaah, anyway, good job with this, I'd build it if I had any spare pieces.