Introduction: KATERLAMP by KIMARNA

After eating cold pasta in catering cups at a garden party I got the idea to assemble them to make extra sense of the plastic waste. I washed them and dried them. I painted them with frosting spray, adding an extra shine on the bottom with an orange glass paint. I then assembled them first by forming modules of 4 and 2, using steel clips and a drop of strong glue, then alternating them into a spheric shape as shown by the picture. To hold the bulb/socket in place I fitted a plastic ring ( made of a hard plastic ribbon of 1,5 cm) of the same diameter of the bottom of the lamp by using a glue pistol. I filled the plastic ring with a tightly rolled stripe of cardboard from paper rolls (1,5 cm) to form a disk, which I secured with some more glue from the glue pistol. I left a hole in the centre of the disk to fit the lampsocket. I painted the disk with white vinyl paint. I proceeded to assemble the bulb, the socket and the wire and ... there was light, Katerlight!
note: the tightly rolled cardboard disk at the bottom of the lamp could have been glued onto the lamp structure directly, without placing it into a plastic ring, but I liked the continuity of plastic on plastic and could not resist the idea of using a plastic ring of the perfect size that I had found by pure chance....

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