Introduction: KB-IDE : Block Program for ESP32 Board

On June 15th 2019, MakerAsia launch the KB-IDE, the new IDE for ESP-IDF and Arduino IDE (ESP32 Core).

KB-IDE is a triple mode programming IDE for IoT boards. Currently support ESP32 boards. Users can program in Block mode (Visual programming) and Code editor (Both ESP-IDF and Arduino IDE).
It comes with Board Manager, Plugins System and can use Arduino Library out of the box.
KB-IDE is open source and open architecture which allow makers to customize, add new platform

(we plan to support AVR and ARM very soon), add new board, create plugins and also add new library to it easily. It supports MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Feedback is always welcome.

Feel free to try it at

cc. Jimmy (Panutat Tejasen), Chiang Mai Maker Club


Step 1: Install KB-IDE

Step 2: First Page

Step 3: Select Your Board

Step 4: Drag the Block and Try Blink Example

Step 5: Change Mode to Programmer Level