Introduction: KCS - Kitchen Cupboard Storage

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Do you get frustrated trying to get your saucepans out of the cupboard each day? Is there wasted space in your kitchen cupboards? If so then this project could be for you.

Step 1: Materials & Equipment


12mm Plywood

6G x 18mm coutersunk screws

PVA Glue


Woodworkers Vice

Band Saw

Table saw

Panel Saw

Phillips Head Screwdriver



Ruler / Tape measure

Step 2: Design

The shelving unit was designed to provide multiple configurations. It is a simple yet sturdy design; each unit has been kept to a width of 400mm to ensure structural integrity. The design could be modified depending the requirements and dimensions of each cupboard.

Step 3: Cutting Out

Legs: Cut the legs out (400 x 200) on the table saw. Mark the steps (200 x 100), cut them out with a panel saw.

Cleats: Cut strips of 12mm Ply on the table saw (200 x 35)

Strips: Cut these on the table saw from 12mm Ply (400 x 35)

Step 4: Assembley

  1. Glue and glue cleats into place. Ensure that each pair of legs is opposite in orientation to each other.
  2. Dry fit the strips onto the legs.
  3. Pre-drill two holes into each end of the strips. To provide the most strength, offset the holes.
  4. Apply glue to each piece and screw down in place.
  5. Each strip was spaced by eye. If you wish for a uniform finish then a spacer could be used.
  6. Assembled, glued and screwed

Step 5: Finish

The shelving units could be sanded and waxed, lacquered if you wish. The units have provided additional storage and freed up space in other cupboards.

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