Introduction: KEA Reverse Engineering Project - Making of a Presentation Board

Our first assingment on reverse engineering class was creating of a board for a presentation on disassembling various devices. We focused on DVD Micro Theater. This instructable is about disassembling metioned device and creating a board for presentation with its parts on it.

Let's start!

Step 1: The Tools for Dissasembling the DVD Micro Theater

Screwdriver set

Soldering iron

Heat gun

Step 2: Starting the Operation

1) Remove bottom plate

a) Remove 7 screws holding the bottom plate

b) Take off bottom plate

Step 3: Removing Main Board

a) Remove 5 screws holding the main board from the top

b) Remove 6 screws holding the main board from the back

c) Disconnecting 8 cables from the main board

d) Take out main board

e) Disconnect flat cable

f) Take out audio amplifier passive cooler from main board

Step 4: Removing LCD Board

a) Remove 6 screws holding LCD board

b) Remove 2 screws holding usb port’s plastic bracket

c) Remove usb port’s plastic bracket

d) Remove volume nob (using 2 screwdrivers)

e) Remove pause/play button

f) Take out LCD board

g) Disconnect 1 flat cable

Step 5: Taking Out Analog Receiver

a) Remove 1 screw from the back holding analog receiver

b) Take out analog receiver

c) Disconnect flat cable from analog receiver

Step 6: Taking Out Disc Reader

a) Remove 4 screws holding disc reader

b) Take out disc reader

c) Disconnect cable from disc reader

d) Take off disc reader’s bracket

e) Remove 4 screws (4 gaskets from other side)

Step 7: IR Sensor

a) Remove 2 screws holding IR sensor

b) Take out IR sensor

Step 8: Removing of Control Button, USB Port With Connector, Plastic USB Port Holder and Front Panel Buttons

Step 9: Removing Audio Output

a) Remove 1 screw

b) Take out audio output

Step 10: Taking Apart Disc Reader’s Cover Opening Mechanism

a) Remove the spring from disc reader’s cover’s opening mechanism

b) Take off the lid

c) Warm up glue to remove resistance gear for disc reader’s cover

d) Remove lock of disc reader cover

Step 11: Removing Interface Panel, Interface Panel Frame and a Flat Cable

Step 12: Creating of Presentation Board

Out of

Plywood 12mm thickness cut out 3 arks 1200mm long, 88mm at the highest point and 23mm at lowest point

Take hdf board 6mm thickness and cut it out 1200mm long 385mm wide

Place 1 arc at the top of the board

Place 1 arc in the middle of the board

Place 1 arc in the bottom of the board

Screw 3 bolts in the left side of the board (1 in each ark)

Screw 3 bolts in the middle of the board (1 in each ark)

Screw 3 bolts in the right side of the board (1 in each ark)

Cover the board with grey vinyl sticker

Cut out wooden profiles to stick to parts as support for standing on the board

Wrap wooden profiles in grey vinyl and glue it to the parts needed

Plan the placement of the parts

Glue all the parts

Drill the holes in the board for the screws

Cut out numbers and letters in black vinyl sticker

Mark every part with a number

Smaller inner parts and connections with a letter

Generate and print QR codes

Cut out the name of the project on black vinyl sticker

Stick QR codes and project name on the board

Step 13: Part List, Part Weight, Fun Facts / Reusable Parts

Main board

· MT1389FE chip (MediaTek)

· K4S641632K chip (Samsung)

· Custom chip V1.23

· BA5954FP BLT Driver For CD-ROM (ROHM)

· PT2314 4-channel input audio processor IC (Princeton Technology)

· TDA8932BT Class-D audio amplifer

Connection ports

· ps/2 port (s-video in jack for s-video cable) Analog video connector for signaling analog video

· digital audio out (coaxial)

· composite video out (composite video - analog video transmission (without audio)

· line out port (used for connecting audio devices)

· scart cable output

· speaker input

· power input

USB mini drill

Fly Electric

Controlling a stepper motor with an Arduino

Pocket laser engraver

product features

youtube links:

Philips DVD Micro Theater MCD177/12 taken apart

Philips DVD Micro Theater MCD177/12 disk reader taken apart