Introduction: KEY DANGLER +/- Mirror for Self Evaluation (How to Make)

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Make your own key dangler, for as many or as few keys as you have. Make it decoratable, make it functional. Very cheap to make, very attractive results!

Step 1: Look Around and See What You Have

Supply list:
1. 3 hours over 2 days
2. plank of wood/ particleboard at a desk picture size- 9x12 is nice.
3. names of categories of keys on paper
4. cutouts you like from magazines, newspapers, books, etc.
5. white glue
6. clear spray paint (it must be CLEAR)
7. hot glue gun with glue sticks
8. a compact mirror (like a makeup compact)
9. strong aluminum push pins with a long pin
10. a 3" steel nail & a hammer with which to beat it

Step 2: Get Yourself a Plank!

Get a piece of wood, it can be a plaque, the bottom of a drawer that you spray painted, or in my case, I got a 9 x 12" piece of wood with routered edges.
Dust it off so that glue can stick to it.

Step 3: Make a Plan for Your Design & Do It.

If this is a key organizer, make the most used key places where you would grab:

if you are right handed, put all the markers in a line across the plank where the holders will go, most used keys on the right side.

For lefties, make the most used keys on the left and work your way right.

Either print from your computer key categories, or have more fun looking for the words in a very old book or new newspaper.

Paste these above your holder markers with glue

if your house has a motif, like nautical, get clippings from magazines and paste those on too. You can also embellish with seashells and other very small items.

Gluing clippings on a hard surface is called Decoupage- find more info here:
How to decoupage

Hint: use a white glue and have napkins available.

Step 4: Seal It

The glue MUST be dry before you proceed!

Get out your clear spray paint and take your project OUTSIDE.
Spray the jimmy out of it (while it's on some newspaper, not to make everywhere a mess).
Let this dry for 4 - 5 hours. You go out and have a nice cool sno cone and watch the trees for a while.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

The clear coat must be dry before proceeding. Make sure there is no vapor before bringing it inside.
Have an adhesive on hand: I recommend hot glue.
go and get your compact and use a standard screwdriver or butterknife to pry the mirror out.
Hot glue this mirror on your key dangler.
Get a hammer and your very strong aluminum push pins and hammer the pins below the areas you designated, or in a nice line on your dangler. Tap the pins up with the hammer just a hair so the keys will not fall off once you put them on.
Now's the time for the nail: go outside and hammer the 3" nail near the top dead center of the dangler, not to go too far through the plank.

Tadaah- you have a fabulous key dangler.{{{

Put some keychains on and look at them dangle; fun, isn't it?
If this didn't turn out, you can buy mine:
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