The Keyholder Jewellery Tree makes storage of keys, Jewellery or other fine stuff easier. It’s also a decoration piece.

Step 1: The Materials You’ll Need

- Wooden beam

- 1 Round stick Ø8 x 30cm

- Dremel 3D PLA for the 3d printed parts, in your favorite color.

Step 2: The Tools You’ll Need to Work

- Saw (Hand or electric)

- Drill

- Drill bit Ø8

- Wood glue

Step 3: Base Slab

Saw a fine paste from the wooden beam, about a thickness of 2cm

Step 4: Drill a Hole

Drill a hole in the middle of the wooden beam

Step 5: Paste

Paste the stick Ø 8 in the hole of the wooden beam

Step 6: Assemble the 3d Printed Pieces

Assemble all the 3d printed pieces, and cut the wooden stick on the right length

Step 7: Keys, Jewellery, ...

Hang the keys, jewellery, ... in the tree

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