Introduction: KFB-1

This is my first Cardboard Flying Body project. Actually it finished like a model with kind of delta wings, but all started with an eggs cardboard package and another simple cardboard box

Step 1: Beginning

I took the lid of the eggs cardboard package, put glue on the edges and than I banded it and fixed it with paper tape (not shpowed) in a position until it glued. Than I took a simple cardboard box (first that was by the hand - there is always some of these, different kind and sizes, in the house due to lot of food and any other necessity), opened it on one end and made some cuts to have a kind of  holders of the first part. Essentially, first part came to second like a head. This was basically the "airframe".

Step 2: Wings, Vertical and Horizontal Tail Stabilizers

All this parts are made of typical cardboard from boxes, glued and fixed with paper tape. Here are photo's from different angles. On the wings, I made ailerons and flaps by simply cutting with scissors, little into the  wing. Then I bend this parts up and down, and this works; you can fix this surfaces in different positions to tune and correct model's flight.

Step 3: Cutting Wings in "delta" Shape

I wanted more speedy model so I made kind of delta wings. I put two clothe pegs like a front weight, and model was ready for first test flights. Notice, that it has no tail horizontal surfaces. Decision of making them I left for after-test conclusions. Here are photo's of making the delta wing and a model before tests. Also here are videos of 1st and 3r test flights (2 of 3 that were performed), They are short, indoor (I wake up in the morning and started throw it  immediately) flights, just to see is this model flyable at all. Also there are some frozen frames from this videos.

Step 4:

Next I added tail horizontal surfaces, made from the same cardboard as the rest - photo's from different angles.

Step 5:

And finally, I put some colors on. This happen in another city where modeling exhibition and competition was getting place. Unfortunately KFB-1 was not flying because it was given like a present to one child. What happen after I do not know, but important is that one child was happy for a moment.

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    It flies, but the flight is very short (you have two first tests videos, if you look the step 4 here). much later I was throwing it during one plastic scale model competition and exhibition, but it was not something. Still it was good enough for one kid to be happy having it. Now I work on KFB-2 (KFB-3 you may see here on "instructables" too), which I started time ago, but paused (in meantime I did KFB-3) and I hope it will be much better than these two, though this all is big improvisation - more for fun and enjoy, than serious build.