Introduction: K.F.T 540 - DA (Knex Force Target)

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My new and pretty innovative target!
The K.F.T 540 - DA
It is a pretty fun little project i was working on, a simple but effective method to see how powerful a gun is.
Nothing more to say so here are some pros and no's:

-Low part use.
-New system.
-Strong frame.
-No tape needed for holding the cardboard target.

-Not recommended for big weapons like, cannons and bazooka's.

You likey?
Lets get to building then!

Step 1: The System for Target

Pretty easy to build.
Build it one time.

Step 2: Sides

The parts where the whole thing rests on.
Build it 2 times.

Step 3: Target

Build these parts.
All the things shown need to be built 1 time.

Step 4: Stand

This is where the sides rest on.
Build it 1 time.

Step 5: Assembly

Pic 1: Sides + Base
Pic 2: Assemble them.
Pic 3: Target system + Sides
Pic 4: Assemble them.
Pic 5: Target + Target system
Pic 6: Assemble them.
Pic 7: Target + Cardboard w/ Rubberbands.

Still got questions?
Ask them on my orangeboard.

Resetting is told how to, in step 6.

Step 6: Resetting

Ok, so you have shot at the target but you don't know how to reset.
This shows how.

1: Shoot it and view the amount of power
2: Turn the target all the way around.
It is reset!
Simple as that!

Step 7: You're Done!!!

Well, you have yourself a K.F.T 540 - DA that can see how much power your gun has.

Have freakin' much fun, with my target!