Introduction: KISS Principle Machete Sheath

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I Bought this Machete but unfortunatley there was no sheath, it is a handy, dandy tool but you don´t want to carry it in your hand the whole day so I looked for a solution. When I was in the military sometimes we were issued gear that did not come with a bag or holder so we turned to our good old friend Duct Tape, if you are into the cult of the Duct Tape let me tell you it is straight out of Star Wars, as someone once said it has a Dark side, a Light side, and it holds the universe together. So here is my down n dirty method. (By the way the Machete evolved from the Sabre which Pirates and others used while swashbuckling around the Tropics)

Step 1: TOOLS

To do this, the stuff you need and the tools are simple:

Thick Cardboard

Duct Tape

Scissors (Sturdy)

Something to mark with

Step 2: Getting Started

Ok, Lay the cardboard on a table and lay your Machete on the cardboard, then using your marker draw some lines so that cardboard can be folded over and the blade has some room so its easy to put in. Also note that on one side I have marked higher than the grip of the Machete, this will be for the belt loop.

Step 3: Folding

Once you have marked it out and are satisfied with the size, shape you can then preoceed to cut it out. When you have done this then you can fold it around.

Step 4: Closing

Once you have folded the sheath you can add some Duct Tape strips, notice that I have not put them fully on but let some space, this is so I can work the sheath till I am satisfied before covering fully.

Step 5: Belt Loop

Next you can cover the Belt Loop this makes it more wearing, looks good and also makes it more water resistant.

Make sure the Loop is big enough for the size belt you are using before fixing it to the body of the sheath.

Step 6: The Finishing Touch

When you are satisfied with the Belt Loop and the feel of the the sheath you can cover the whole of the sheath with Duct Tape making it more durable and water resistant, and hey Presto in about half an hour your done! There are of course other methods such as using Kreydex for a real professional kind of sheath or PVC tubing which is heated and flattened, but this is a down and dirty method as I have said and can be used for other things not only a flat Machete.

Two final points, the sheath could wear thin after a while of use, make another or repair with Duct Tape and carboard and second: a Machete is a dangerous tool, be careful when using it or making the sheath as its not easy to pull it out of the sheath with no fingers !!!!