KISS Principle Soap Powder

Introduction: KISS Principle Soap Powder

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Hi Everyone,

Here I am with another Keep It Simple Stupid make for you.

It is a simple method to make "soap" this can used for hands/body,

hair as shampoo or as a washing powder replacement. Now I am not

the "inventor" here and it is floating around the internet maybe here as

well, but for those who have not seen it I decided to put it in as it is quiet


These days Shampoo, Shower gel, etc contains more chemicals then do

us good, in fact I has a list of 6 ingredients which are supposed to be cancer


Also bars of soap are a bacteria catchers, either shred them into powder

and use as necassary, use small bars like in Hotel rooms or use liquid.

So there is a health aspect to this as you see however, if you are on a

camping trip or civilisation is at an end you can make this too

Step 1: Tools and Bits

First off you need some Horse chestnuts (Aesculus hippocastanum) There are

other Chestnuts maybe they work too but I don´t know. You can see in the picture

what they look like or look in the "Net". you need a container, a simple screw lid jar will do.

Lastly some thing to cut open the chestnuts or "conkers" as I called them when I was a kid.

( At least I thought you only need a knife!)

Step 2: Preparing

So if you strip off the prickly shell you get these lovely brown Chestnuts which you can cut open with a knife

(the object is to strip off the smooth brown shell revealing a whitish inner)

or so I thought. At this point I had saved the chestnuts but only processed

them a week later, I found it really hard to cut through so I used a Chicken shears.

After stripping off the outer shell you are left with bits of the inner chestnut,

I cut them into smaller bits and put them through a Nutribullet which then

makes it into a powder..

Step 3: Use and Storage

When you have made them into your powder just put it into your container.

when you want to use it you can take a hand full and mix with warm water,

it is a class of chemical compounds found called Saponins which are

responsible for the soap foam in this case, you can also make it with other plants

such as the root of the Yucca palm, or you can use Stinging nettles (you cook up

a batch and the green water can be used as a soup or as a Shampoo)

The powder we have mixed can be stored for quiet a while, but I could

not give you any data on that just try it.


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