Introduction: KISS Principle Tactical Belt

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In Fashion there are always new trends, the same goes for Tactical and outdoor gear. One of these is the Cobra Tactical Belt which is made by various manufacturers. But why are some expensive and some cheap?

The reason is that the origional Buckel is made by AustriAlpin in Austria, it was designed for Rucksacks and storing away gear it can take a breaking strain form 9kN to 23kN (1kN is about 100kg which about 220lbs) so 9kN is about 900kg or about 1,980lbs !

How much a cheap version would actually hold I do not know. But I can show you how you can make a belt nearly

as strong at a fraction of the Price!


All you need is a Buckel, Belt material and a Sewing Maschine (or someone with one) !

Step 1:

Step 2: Belt Buckel

If you are not worried about hanging from some cliff or otherwise by your belt then you could get a cheaper

(meant in price & material) one. I got the origional over amazon for about €30 (ca $27 ca 26Gb Pounds)

You can check out the web site of AustriAlpin here:

Step 3: The Belt Material

Now for my Belt material I used Car seat Belts. I went to my local scrap yard opened the door on a wrecked car

and pulled the seat belt tight at the one end and not letting go cut it off, then I pulled slowly all the belt material out

of the seat belt rollup drum and cut that off. There was quiet alot which has many uses apart from my belt.

I did not have to pay anything for the material, and it is very strong, I don´t its breaking strain but I trust it to hold my weight.

If you are thinking of using this as a gun Belt it would be too flopy, you could however make it thicker by perhaps

doubling it over or adding thicker material to it to get the stability.

Step 4: Sewing It

I don´t know if it would work with every sewing maschine or if you need an industrial type, at a guess I think it might work. I actually went to an outdoor shop who I knew also did some repairs etc., so I asked them to sew it up for me

which they did for a few coins. It is sewn on one side of the buckle to enable you to thread it and through pant loops

and thread the open end through the buckle. I also had a elasticated loop which I use so the loose end don´t flop around. (which brings me to a small tip, If you have some old gear like a rucksack or such which for some reason

you throw away, any buckels, straps etc., cut them off and keep them as they may be useful for something in a future project)

Step 5: Final Words

This is a simple KISS Principle project, but please note I will not be resposible for any actions from anyone whilst

making the Belt - As in ouch my sewing maschine is broke you told me to, Nah, your problem, I only show how I did it. Also if you decide to hang from a building/cliff/Tree or whatever I do not take responsibility for that either

I only show you how to make a nice Belt.... Just Enjoy