Introduction: KITT

During the Makecourse we were told to buil, at first I had no idea what exactly I should build as it is my first time working with Arduino and or any electronics, however, learning how to work with robotics has been a stressful yet rewarding process. I built an IOS bluetooth controlled 2wd robot.

Step 1: Essentials:

Bluetooth Module (HM-10) - Make sure it is compatible with IOS


Robot Chasis


DC Motor L2498N Motor Driver


Wires to connect


9V batteries X2

Step 2: Step 1:

Assemble the robot chassis then proceed to connect the bluetooth module.

The bluetooth module connects the pins accordingly:

RX --> TX Pin

TXD --> RX Pin

GND --> GND Pin

VCC --> 5V

Once connected the bluetooth module with blink with a red light, it will stop blinking once it has connected to your bluetooth

Step 3: Step 3: Connect the DC Motor

Connect the DC Motor accordingly

And upload it to the computer for the code

Step 4: Code

Attached is the code, link it up to your arduino and enjoy