Introduction: K'NEX Drink Machine

When you are done building this, you should have a K'NEX drink machine that can hold to water bottles or soda cans at a time. It is assumed that you have a basic understanding of how to snap plastic K'NEX pieces together, and I didn't over this. You can make modifications to your machine to make it more sturdy, efficient, appealing, or convenient. Sometimes a bottle or can has trouble going down and leaving the machine, but for the most part it runs smoothly. Here is a video of the finished product.

Step 1: Part Count

Note that my part count is an approximation that is a little off. You should probably have more parts just in case my numbers are a little too low.

Step 2: Put Together the Base

Step 3: Put Together Middle Part

Step 4: Put Together Top Part

Step 5: Join Base and Middle Part

Step 6: Join Middle Part With Top Part

Step 7: Load It Up

Step 8: Use It!!!!

First eject bottle #1 (lower position) and then eject bottle #2 (higher position). Look at photos (left to right) to understand how to properly release bottles/cans.

This is my first instructable. Feel free to leave a comment. Questions, advise, criticism, complements, etc.

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