K'NEX Miniature Crossbow

Introduction: K'NEX Miniature Crossbow

About: ewqfwfq

Pieces: Red connectors-3 White connectors-4 Yellow connectors-6 Orange connectors-4 Yellow rods-4 Red rods-2 Blue rods-15 Blue rings-15 Grey rings-1 Green rods-4 Regular wheels-2 Big wheels-2 Rubber band(s)-1 Long rods-1 ————————————————————— Range-17-18ft ————————————————————— •Simple pulley mechanism •comfortable grip •adjustable power •easy to build •strong structure

Step 1:

Ill make instructions in a little bit, I just wanted to show you guys first

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    7 years ago

    The piece list seems derpy but the cent sign is supposed to be a bullet point and the weird "a" is supposed to be a line, sorry for that