K'NEX Musket

Introduction: K'NEX Musket

Hello everyone!

Well... I did not expect ever to do one of these again I must say. I don't make so much stuff anymore nowadays.

So, how did this come to be then? Well, years ago, when my fascination for 18th sentuary weapons was a its peak, I went ahead and try'd to make a musket from knex. over complicating the whole thing let to a failed project and I abandoned it.

How ever, Years later, After an overdose of Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars. (The single best DLC I ever owned for any game!) and later buying Total War: Napoleon (also a good game) My interest for the muskets and line battles had a renewed peak.

So I take a look at my knex and think: Yea, I can try it one more time I guess. So, I go online and try to find if anyone had some made one themselves, and perhaps even some instructions for it.

But nope, no one. well, there one. but no instructions, so not really.

So hey, why not try myself then? and here it is! yes, its kinda weak. yes, its not that pretty. but damn it! I made it, I like it! and, hopefully, so will You!

But wait, there's more! this state of the art weapon features not only full hammer cock for fire, but also half cock for reloading!

Three more things before we get going, this is not any model musket per-say. just some musket from M&B:NW.

This is, like most of my knex weaponry, a non-firing model. The hammer holding the make-belief flint does move and hit the fizzer. but no more. the hammer, now were on the subject. I did kinda steal that from an other musket I found on the website. The "Knex Musket (Springfield Model 1795)" by Raz1r Knex Bull3t.

But, since he did not upload any instructions on how to make his and I just don't think he'll mind me using such a little piece anyway, I went ahead and used it now. Of course, It he wants it, I'll give him full credit for it.

Also, I apologize for the dark images, I made these photos late on the day and now its all a little dark, hopefully not too dark.

Anyhow, Lets Go!

Step 1: The Parts You'll Need

All the required parts. you can see on the picture what you need for the Musket. but I'll type it out here as well.

X 6 Gray Rods

X 14 Red Rods

X 26 Blue Rods

X 28 White Rods

X 6 Orange Connectors

X 13 Green Connectors

X 44 Yellow Connectors

X 8 Red Connectors

X 21 Gray Ring Connectors

X 2 Small Pin Things

X 44 Green Part-Connectors

X 4 Grabber Thingies

X 1 Parts that were meant for the arms and legs of knex figures

And X 2 Rubber Bands, preferably one small one, and one normal size

Step 2: The Butt-stock

Well, make it as you see it.

Step 3: The Firing Mechanism

Ok, this is the hardest pars to make. I try'd my best to show as much as I could with the pictures. hope it'll be enuch.

Make all the small parts you see on the fourth picture. use the close-ups for that extra bit of help.

then, make the yellow connector plate you see on picture 10. This will be the base for the firing mec.

Add all the small parts from before to it as shown on the picture after the 10th.

Picture 14 shows the base from the back for extra clarity.

Make the second yellow connector plate as shown.

Now make one of the base and the yellow connector plate, and add the butt-stock at the end.

Step 4: The Barrel

The barrel it the biggest part of the musket, but still easier to make the the firing mec.

While were at it, lets make the ramming rod too.

Now, get the first have you made and connect the barrel to it as shown.

Step 5: The Mussel and Beyonnet

The Beyonnet is a defining feature of the musket and cannot miss on your weapon! unfortunately, its a bit of a mess.

Again, I try'd my best to get clear pictures of the build, but I don't blame you if this is all a bit confusing at first.

Once its done, add it to the end of the barrel.

Step 6: Final Step: Insert the Ram Rod and Rubber Bands

Almost there!

Insert the ram rod right under the barrel end into the barrel. its a bit of a struggle, but it'll fit in just right at the end. (as shown in picture 4)

Add rubber bands as shown on the trigger and hammer and pull the hammer back. you'll see the hammer has two catch points. one is half cock, for reloading purposes, and the other is full cock, for fire.

And that's it! your very one musket! congratulations!

Now make some more for your friends and start your very own army line regiment!

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    7 years ago

    It's nice to see a fellow Mount & Blade lover on Ibles. BTW this gun is swag!