Introduction: K'NEX Saw

This is a K'nex saw that I made. It looks cool and has a wind-up motor to make it work. It also has a belt clip for easy transport and a lock so you can wind it up in advance and easily transport it. Perfect for warfare with K'nex guns or Nerf. Be expecting a 2.0 version with an improved handle and clip design sometime this year.

Step 1: Pieces Needed

Step 2: Step 1 - Handle and Motor

Insert the two rods into the motor as shown, attach the yellow connectors, then connect them with another white rod. The blue rod will be the lock. Then, make the handle as shown and attach it. Insert the yellow pin into the motor.

Step 3: Step 2 - Saw Blade

Attach purple/grey connecter to the rod. Create two saw blades as shown below. Slide the first on and fasten it with a tan pin. put another purple/grey connector onto the rod. Slide on the second blade, again fastening it to the rod with a pin. Then, slide everything on that side of the motor as far away from the the motor as possible and put on another purple connector. Wind up the saw until you hear a click and then slide in the blue locking rod.

Step 4: Step 3 - Belt Clip

Begin building the belt clip by attaching four white rods with four red connectors. Be sure to put a separator on one of the rods. Attach a purple/grey and an orange connecter to the separated rod. Thread the belt through the clip. Put the protruding yellow rod on the handle of the saw through the holes in the purple and orange connectors on the clip. Close the clip with the last orange connector. Put the belt on and you are good to go.