Introduction: KNEX SMG X12

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My newest gun! the SMG X12!

Step 1: The Handle

Just build from the pic.

Step 2: Body/barrel

Build from the pic.

Step 3: The Stock

from the pic

Step 4: The Trigger

build fromm the pick

Step 5: The Mag and Mag Pusher

build from the pics

Step 6: Odd Bits

build em' from the pics

Step 7: Put It Togetha

Give a general description of the Stepput it togetha from tha pics

Step 8: Rubba Bandz

put on the rubba bandz

Step 9: Loading

load exactly like inthe pic. then add the rubba band

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    11 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    when i try to find a gun called X12 on google i find a trashcan (*not that mutch difference*)


    Dude this is just a basic knex gun with flexable rods and unnessesery bits on it, i hate it.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I don't this this is an SMG, its a gun with a clip on it.