Introduction: K'Nex Sith Infiltrator...

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So I wanted to make a Star Wars Vehicle out of K'Nex. I know people have made starfighters and speeder bikes but I don't think anyone has made  one of these before. So here it is, a K'Nex version of Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator from the Phantom Menace. The Prequels may have been terrible, but some of the vehicles were cool. I looked at some pictures online and modeled it off that. It isn't an exact replica scale model, but I don't think it looks to bad, so if you like this idea, go and build the instructable.

Step 1: First Things First...

Here are the parts. Some people don't include this bit in their instructables. Don't know why.

Step 2: The Fronty Bit

The Fronty Bit. The Bit that goes at the front. couldn't think of another name.

Step 3: The Cockpit

The COCKpit (snigger...) How childish I am. I assume this is where the cockpit is, as I have never been inside a Sith Infiltrator (believe it or not). It looks like it on the picture of the actual thing*, though.

*I say actual thing as if an intergalactic spaceship is real. Sigh.

Step 4: Putting Together What We Have So Far

The title says it.

Step 5: Wings

Building the wings.

Step 6: Finished!!!!

Finished. Wasn't that easy. Or was it. It didn't take me too long, so I think it will be easy. I will take constructive criticism, ignore regular criticism and another thing. Should I make more Star Wars Vehicles? I enjoyed trying to build this from a couple of pictures on the internet, and it could turn into a series. I want to know what you, the viewer, thinks. Thats finished. Byeee!