Introduction: KNex Sniper Thingamabob V2

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THis is My Second version of my original sniper ( It now Features:
A true Tigger
BEtter Stock
Better Barrel
Forestock (adjustable)

Range: I got 38 Ft at a ~ 15 Degree angle
Length: 2ft (Full Version) 1' 8" (Compact)
Height: 4in
Weight: ~100-200Grams
Accruacy: 2 sq. In. from target ( if you look directley down the sights)

Step 1: The Stock

THis The STock (You KNow, The Butt?)
Pic1: Make this
PIc2: Make this
Pic3: Make This
Pic4: Another Veiw
PIc5: Connect
Pic6: Connect (finished Product)

Step 2: Hanlde+Trigger

This is the part that you hold on to remembered? Im sorry if you cant make this from two pictures.

Step 3: Main Barrel

This Is where the trigger will be inserted and the pin wil go
The Firing Pin is a purple 3-D connecter connected to a black rod with tape.
P.S I dont like to take sections apart like this so i think you can make it from the pics provided.

Step 4: Attatch Ment Barrel

This is the barrel to make the full verision you do not need it if you want the compact version only.
pic1&2: Make
Pi2: Make (wierd peice)

Step 5: Forestock

THis is the forestock for the full verison

Step 6: Assembly

Time to assemble the gun
PIc1:attach stock to handle
pic2:attyack barrel to handle
pic3: attach extened barrel to main barrel
pic4: add Wierd peice
pic5: Add forestock

Step 7: Rubberbands

Trigger bands: See Last step
Firingbands: PLAce where ever you wish