Introduction: KS-Tea-Timer


You are e.g. in an office and you want to brew tea as it should be done (e.g. green tea 2 minutes, black tea 5 minutes...), but sometimes you just miss the right time to stop the brewing and get out your tea out of the hot water. It is very bitter and you have to add 7 cubes of sugar to "survive" this taste.

It would be nice to have a timer that remebers you to stop brewing without disturbing anybody else in the room.

Step 1: Solution

The KS-Tea-Counter can be set to the number of minutes you want to brew your tea (the display counts always in seconds). After the set time has been counted down it tries to get your attention first by activating the red and blue leds. Later these leds start to flicker - and that's where you should acknowledge that you did see the leds and did get your tea out of the water.

You can do this by switching the switch on top right to the off position.

If you dont do so.... - finally to save your tea - even this disturbs your friends in the office the ringer in the box is activated for just only 0.5 seconds.

Step 2: Features

Three buttons

1. To add 60 seconds to the count down time (Flash to the top - shows 60 more seconds on the count down display)

2. To subtract 60 seconds from the count down time (Flash down - shows 60 less seconds on the count down display)

3. Start button to start the count down (The button all to the left in the Picture)


Red led and blue led to inform you that the time to get your tea out of the water has come.

Switch S

To mute the ringer in the box - so you do not disturb anybody else

Step 3: Wiring and Schematic Diagram

Step 4: Code

Just download the sketch-file here.