Introduction: KUD

In the area of Houston, around 57% of Houstonians had recorded that while attempting to close their umbrella on a rainy day and trying to get in their vehicle has become a problem. On the other hand, Houstonians also have the same problem while attempting to open their umbrella and exit their vehicle. Such a problem prevents Houstonians from arriving to work, school, or even the local store comfortably dry.

Step 1: CAD Drawing

This picture is drawn through CAD depicting the dimensions of the Modular Canopy. It consist of 44 inches in length and 32 inches in height, while the angle between each rib is 60 degrees. We decided this type of dimensions in order to be able to achieve the function of the umbrella. As modern day umbrellas are too big to open separately (into two separate flaps) due to their dimensions; this new dimensions will give us the advantage in the market.

Step 2: Hand Drawn of Prototype

This picture is depicting the drawings done before we started constructing the prototype. The drawing helped us illustrate how our final prototype will look like. We have one umbrella attached with thick wires unto another umbrella. The main umbrella will be automatic while the one being attached will be a manual umbrella. The reason being is because the manual umbrella can be open with ease since it's more lightweight.

Step 3: Hand Drawn of Umbrella

This depicts the first drawing made in order to achieve our final outcome of the Modular Canopy. It demonstrates how the original idea would be an umbrella of 4 shafts opening in 4 different sections. The dimensions given illustrate the height of the shafts in order to be able to estimate the length of the umbrella as a whole. After reviewing this drawing we noticed that it would be difficult to have an umbrella which will open with 4 shafts. Regarding this, we we modified the drawing to the first drawing shown previously.

Step 4: Building

This picture depicts the process of our building process. As we can look in this picture, the manual umbrella is already attached to the main umbrella which is the automatic umbrella. The umbrella is attached by thick wires through the runner. In order for the manual umbrella to be attached we had to cut half of the canopy from the automatic and manual umbrella. Afterwards, we had to detach at least 3 ribs from the automatic and manual umbrella. This was necessary in order to attach the manual umbrella. The wires are not only thick but they are also hot glue that way they don't separate.

Step 5: Attaching the Wires

This picture depicts both umbrella the manual and automatic being attached with wires. The umbrella which contains the swirl spring is the main component or also known as the automatic umbrella. If you observe closely the thick wires are attached to the runner of the automatic umbrella. The wires are attached to where the ribs used to be on the automatic umbrella. The small openings that were left is where the wires go through in order to tighten the umbrella. Afterwards, the wires are hot glue in order to ensure that the wires don't fall off and that the manual umbrella stays intact.

Step 6: Assembling

This picture depicts the assembly of the umbrella. Remember how we cut the canopies of two umbrellas? Well now we are going to used those cut-out canopies in order to place them in the umbrella. In order to place the canopies into the umbrellas; you would have to find the biggest canopy for the automatic umbrella and the smallest for the manual umbrella. This is important due to coverage area, that way the person doesn't get wet. The canopy can be inserted either through the holes that it already has sliding the end tips of the ribs into it or by hot gluing the canopy. You will do this for both the manual umbrella and the automatic umbrella. Once all of that is done, there will be an opening between the umbrellas. That opening should be glued as well in order to prevent water from going in and getting the person wet.

Step 7: Final

This picture depicts the final assembly of the umbrella. If you were to open it would look bigger and not crumpled up. As you can see, the manual umbrella is attached to the automatic umbrella and the canopies are both hot glued. This umbrella will allow you to open the manual umbrella inside and walking out the car without getting wet or vice versa when you are trying to get in. The automatic umbrella will be open outside of the car to provide the rest of the coverage area. This Modular Canopy will give you more protection from getting wet.