Introduction: KabuumSound - Loud Car Front System

Hello! I saw contest of making noise and decided to share short instructables of making loud front system in car.

I have lot of this kind of project, with more louder systems but then instructables would be too long with all the details :)

How to begin?

First you needa a car! :)

Requierements for loudness is sure good headunit, good speakers and amplifiers, good isolation and sure proper "box" or volume for speakers.

What you need to create door panels:

- bitumen isolation

- poliester kit with fibers, brush

- putty, abrasive paper

- wooden spacers for speakers and speakers (I used 4x 8" GZCW 8-4F, 1x GZCT 0500 and 1x GZCT 2200 for one door)

- leather for upholstery (can't find proper word in English :) with leather we will "dress up" created doors )

Step 1: Isolation of Doors

First step is to isolate doors properly.

Dissasemble door panels and isolate with some bitumen isolation such as dynamat, STP etc (a lot of isolations on the market). Try to isolate as much as possible to make door thicker and to avoid any unwanted vibrations.

Unfortunatelly I don't have any of my pictures so I borrow it from google.

Step 2: Poliester Party

Because all of us are cleaning car with all kind of cleaners, chemicals to make it shiny it is difficult to join poliester with ABS plastic. So it is neccessary to clean it with some nitro as much as possible and then sand it to make rough surface.

1.) I first created with polieste bottom support on doors which were assambled on car. With that you will have 100% accurate position without bending of plastic.

2.) Find proper position for speaker spacers.

3.) Prepare poliester kit (poliester, hardener + accelerator (x% based on supplier), fibers), brush and some gloves!!

4.) Make proper mixture in small quantity, so it doesn't dries too quickly.

4.1) Start with applying poliester od spacers to make them fix on doors.

4.2) Use some matress sheet and bend it over all doors in your favorite design,look etc. You can add also inside some alu profile for LEDs, some are for pleksi glass with some logo etc.

4.3) When you will be satisfied with design star applying poliester. First apply only poliester without fibers and leave it for few minutes just to get hard a little bit. Then again apply poliester and place fibers over it, and repeat for 4,5,6 layers to get enough thickness of overall doors. Be sure that on larger area you don't have any bending.

Step 3: Putty and Sanding Party

Sanding party! A lot of dust and itching :) Sand it with some 80-100 sand paper to get rid off big parts.

Mount panels on car to see if everything fit, if not mark it and correct it with poliester, putty etc (depends what is the issue).

Prepare putty with hardener and start applying it over all panels. If you will apply thick coat you will have to sand a lot, try to apply thick only on part which you don't like.

Sand it with rough and then fine sand paper for finish (I didn't use waterpaper).

At last place speakers inside and admire your work :)

But this is not all! You need to paint them or "dress" them in some fabric such as fleece or leather.

Step 4: Leather

Preapre universal glue, brush and gloves. You can also use glue in spray.

Again clean door panels with some nitro so you won't have any dust on it and leave it to dry.

Cut off leather which will be larger than door panels, so you can bend it over and glue it also inside.

Apply glue on leather and door panels seperately. Wait few minutes that both parts won't be sticky anymore and then place leather above panels and apply leather on middle of panels. Then stretch leather on one side and smooth from middle to the edge with hand so you don't have any bubbles below. Continue like that over all panels. You will need some help from somebody to hold leather in air and that doesn't stick on panels.

Turn around and cutt off rest, not needed leather and glue it on inside part of panels. Cut out holes and glue leather also on speacers.

You are ready to go with mounting the speakers!

P.S. On last photo panels for tweeters/horn can be seen. They are created in same procedure.

Step 5: Final Product

Mount speakers on panels and mount it on car. Connect everything, turn on radio and enjoy!

Vote for loud noise contest! Thanks!

Step 6: Update: Sweetest at the End :) Pictures of Another Hardcore Louder Project

After uploading this instructable I remember, that would be better to present this project Renault Scenic.

But nevertheless procedure of making panels from poliester is the same. So I just uploaded few pictures (which shows main points of the car) to make sweet end of this instructable :)

Main idea was to build show car only for auto shows. We started with stock Renault Scenic and change it from bottom to top (I think only badge remained original :) ).


- Front and rear door welded together with 18 speakers on one door (20cm, 25cm,30cm and horns) and LCD.

- Dashboard with 8x 20cm andn 4x horns

- 24x subwoofers in rear side of the car

- 10x amplifiers for whole system

Yes it's loud :)

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