Introduction: Kan Jam

this is my first ever Instructable so take it easy on me!!!!! this is a fun game for the whole family.

Step 1: Gettin the Suppliz

OK what you need is 2 barrels a bit bigger than a basketball hoop.

a frizbee

and a knife. (not to play with but to make a slit with)

and of coarse 2 to 4 players

Step 2: Making It

OK first get the knife and barrels. then near the top of the barrel cut a slit two 2 three frizbees high and 2in wider then the frizbee on each side.

Step 3: Now Play

now pick partners(2 vs 2) and have them stand on different sides. then take one frizbee and throw it across and try to make it in the slit. if it makes it in the slit then you win. if you make it in the top you win but the other person has a chance to tie. if you hit the side it is worth 2 points. (you play to 21) here is the twist your partner can hit the frizbee on to or, into the barrel. if they hit it onto the outside of the barrel it is worth 1 point if they hit it into the top of the barrel it is worth 3 points. but if they somehow hit it into the front slit they still win. you throw it then your partner throws it then it is the other peoples turn.
thats it so have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!